I am sure we all know that Finding Nemo quote of fish being friends and not food, however, Play Together is going in a completely opposite direction with their latest update. Introducing the Monstrous Fish, these behemoths are proving themselves a threat to all on Kaia Island, so you might not want to invite them to your BBQ.

The Monstrous Aquatic Animals Professionals, known as M.A.A.P. have set up a base in the Plaza, and are shining the Bat Signal for any players foolhardy enough to tackle these leviathans. Should ye be of brave heart and full of fishy hatred, you too can join the defence of the land.

After joining you will be set a series of quests to tackle and complete to prove you are ready to tussle with the beasts. Finish them all and you will get a special Name Tag, which is a hilarious idea that all you need is a sticky label to battle sea gods, and an Upgradite to strengthen your fishing rod.

There are a total of six Monstrous Fish to conquer including the Red Shark and fearsome sounding Leviathan Melvillei. To catch these you must employ a special method, consisting of draining their health, stunning them, and quickly reeling them in. Since there is a bounty on these, you will also get Gems for snapping them up.

To help in your quest you can engage with the new upgrade system to beef up your rod. Using the aforementioned Upgradite will allow you to apply up to five attributes to your trusty tool. These include increases in Power, Tension, and even rare fish probability, which sounds like a pretty solid choice.

Finally, if tussling with sea titans isn't your bag, you can head over to the School and take part in a graduation ceremony. Simply chat with the School President who is wandering around, and you can join in on the fun and be gifted a Square Academic Cap and Academic Hood.

Play Together is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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