It’s a yo ho ho and the pirate's life and what have you, as Uncharted Waters Origin unveils its May update. This month we have the customary new mates including the historic Gentleman Pirate, a new entry to the Relationship Chronicle, and the arrival of a long overdue feature to boost your power to new heights.

It is time for Maria Margarethe Kirch to step into the limelight, as this S Grade mate is the subject in the latest Relationship Chronicle instalment. You will follow the astrologer on a journey to discover constellations, incredibly vital for navigating the seas. Of course, to enjoy this content, you need to have hired Maria.

If you are looking to pad your crew with a few new Mates then you are in luck, as we have four new recruits. Our S Grade this time is Stede Bonnet, the gentleman pirate who interestingly left a cushy life as a landowner to join the sea. For our A Grade we have Edward Low, and following behind are two B Grades; Richard Worley and Jakob Walweik.

Now, we all know we shouldn't have favourites when it comes to people, but we obviously do and now you can show yours off with the Representative Mate System. Designate your favourite mate, and then the Company’s profile image will change to that mate's theme, and the character’s appearance displayed when moving to a ports’12 town will also reflect this person. There will be a few swollen egos.

Finally, excellent news if you are in the market for some new pants, as the Gear/Parts Enhancement System has been added. Now you may be thinking this is quite a basic system to of waited for this long, and you would be right. But it's here now, so players can finally upgrade the stats of mate gear and ship parts through the use of exclusive materials.

Uncharted Waters Origin is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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