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Posted by TPG Staff on February 20th, 2017

What’s going on in the wider world of portable gaming? Each week we ask that question of our sister website Pocket Gamer.

The PG team covers iOS gaming, just like 148Apps, but it also strays into the world of Android games and handheld consoles.

Here, then, are the hot topics that have been getting the PocketGamer mob excited over the past seven days or so.

Remasters of the iOS universe

Movies and album remasters are a common occurrence. In recent years, console games have gotten in on the act. Now we have news of the first ever smartphone game remaster courtesy of Gameloft.

If you don’t remember the original N.O.V.A., it was a fairly generic - if polished - sci-fi FPS that borrowed heavily from the Halo series. N.O.V.A. Legacy will let you “relive the events of N.O.V.A. 1 in this remastered and revamped version”.

Which made the PG team think: which other mobile games would benefit from the remastering process?

Are you a lover or a hater?

Last week saw Valentine’s Day being celebrated around the world. Whether you were an enthusiastic participant or a grumpy hater, PG had a custom playlist to help you through the day.

Are you a Valentine’s Day Lover or a Valentine’s Day Hater? PG had the games to match your mood.

Nintendo Switch news

We’re now just a couple of weeks away from the launch of Nintendo’s next console, the Nintendo Switch. Its chief feature will be the ability to switch (aha!) between playing it on the move or at home on your TV.

As you might imagine, that’s a particularly exciting prospect for a portable gaming website like PG. Last week, we learned that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - undoubtedly the biggest Switch launch game - would be getting an expansion pass.

That doesn’t sound like a massive deal, but it’s a first for the Zelda series. Usually in Nintendo’s epic adventure series, you get all the content up front. Not this time.

In other Switch news, we saw the first (decidedly unofficial) hands-on with the console’s operating system, courtesy of a gamer who obtained their Switch early.

That user has since found out that the console was stolen, and has returned it to Nintendo and pulled their videos. But of course, on the internet, nothing is ever forgotten.

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