Kno for iPad comes to Facebook, giving away over $1,000,000 in free textbooks for use in its app and on Facebook itself. Two new features, Quiz Me and Journal, have just been added to the iPad app as well.

Kno for Facebook is an HTML 5 Facebook app that will let users with a Kno account to read their purchased textbooks right in their Facebook account environment. Never again will the poor college student miss a Farmville request! Kno is giving away their $1,000,000 via a Facebook Spin The Wheel game, where players can win up to $50 in credits to spend at

The iPad app gets two new features today: Journal and Quiz Me. The Journal feature is an activity stream that collects all the highlights, text notes, audio notes, textbook images or photos taken with the iPad 2 camera. Hopefully these private notes, ostensibly for studying for exams, will become shareable with other students.

The Quiz Me feature allows students to create a quiz out of any labeled image in a textbook, blanking out the labels and assisting students with their studying.

College students know that the student life is financially draining. Being at the beginning of perhaps a lucrative career choice doesn't lead to too many monetary options when it comes down to it. Unless there are scholarships, student loans, or parents willing to help out, rising tuition and textbook costs continue to drain the resources of all but a few wealthy individuals. Plus, paper textbooks are really heavy.

Kno for iPad aims to change the textbook portion of the equation. Released quietly in June, Kno is a textbook app that charges 30% - 50% off the cover price of over 100,00 textbooks for higher education students.

The app itself allows users to organize textbooks and other PDF files into courses, navigate pages and chapters via search and thumbnail, and add notes and highlights to the text itself. Facebook and Twitter are directly integrated, natch, and is out now for a total price of FREE.

Intel Education Study

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