I first got a glimpse of Joe Danger on iOS at PAX Prime in Seattle last year. While it was early in the development stage and very rough, it had promise. When Sean Murray from Hello Games contacted me, wanting to show something off at E3 this year, I was pretty sure what that was.

Joe Danger for iOS is a casual, trials-racing, puzzle game that feels like a cross between Excitebike from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Angry Birds, and Dance Dance Revolution. I mean that in the best way possible - what you get out of this unholy union is a unique and supremely fun game. I got a chance to play through the first few levels at E3 and thoroughly enjoyed what I saw.

Joe Danger was released in 2009 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as a downloadable title. As soon as Hello Games's founder Sean Murray (a former Criterion and Electronic Arts employee) got his first iOS device, he wanted to port Joe Danger to Apple's new device. What started out as a fun experiment quickly became the pet project of the whole team. They took the core arcade game mechanic of Joe Danger and pretty much re-wrote it to better fit the touch interface. In doing so, they came up with the puzzle and timing aspects that define the iOS version.

Joe Danger is an exciting character to have on iOS, and the game is looking better and better each time I see it - it's hard to wait for the final version. Joe Danger for iOS will be released later this year, and we'll be sure to let you know when it's out. It's definitely one to watch for.

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