A lot of people enjoyed Joe Danger on consoles. The iOS rendition didn't do so bad, either. But it's not over yet. Hello Games has been working in secret for the past year; and they've just pulled the metaphorical sheet off for the reveal.

Joe Danger Infinity is an all-new game, built from the ground up for iOS. The "Infinity" stands for "endless," which means (you guessed it) we're talking about an endless runner of sorts. Endless stunter, maybe? This time around Joe isn't actually Joe but a small toy from a magic gumball machine brought to life. Seriously. The interesting thing about this setup is that it gives Hello Games a whole lot more freedom with characters, vehicles, and environments. Joe isn't going it alone this time, and players will have close to two-dozen other characters to control as well as almost 20 new vehicles - tanks, airplanes, and more.

If you can't wait to get your hands on Joe Danger Infinity and start outpacing your friends (yes, the game is also a lot more focused on scores and competition this time around), well that's too bad. No official word has been given regarding a release date, but we've been told it should be making its way to the App Store "really soon."

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