And now I get to share my favorite apps and games with you.

OmniFocus - it's a great three screen (iPhone, iPad, and laptop) information manager that keeps me organized no matter where I go.

Tweetbot - I spend way more time on Twitter than any other communication method, even email some days. Tweetbot has all of the features I need to make that as painless as possible.

Pocket - Whenever I find an interesting article on the web I use Pocket to keep track so that I can read it later, when I have time. I even have IFTTT recipes set up to bookmark and send to Pocket anything I favorite in Twitter.

Launch Center Pro - This is a bit of a geeky tool, but indispensable once you get it set up. Think of it as sort of a super macro program for iOS. It lets me do many more things quickly.

Fairway Solitaire -- I don't usually play games on my iPhone as I prefer to play on the larger screen of the iPad these days. But when I do play on my iPhone it's usually Fairway Solitaire.

More games of all types. The rhetoric we've heard recently about how free to play is the only way to make money on the App Store is really untrue. With 600 million devices out there, any type of game or app can be a success if it is good, is marketed properly, and targets enough of that audience to make money. There's no reason not so see every console and portable game ported to iOS right now. There are 1.2 billion thumbs waiting to play.

Find more of our favorite apps over at the Best App Ever Facebook page for our #AppStoreTurns5 special.

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