If you’re looking for a new thrilling MMORPG to play with your friends then you’ll be excited to hear that there is a sequel to one of the most well known titles in the genre – namely League of Angels 2.

With a brand new 3D engine offering spectacular visuals and fantastic new strategic gameplay, League of Angels 2 looks to provide an exhilarating playing experience that is sure to appeal not just to fans of the series - but to gamers the world over.

We spoke to Youzu at Gamescom earlier this month about the work that went into making this impressive new title.

How is League of angels 2 performing so far and has it been meeting expectations?

"League of Angels is already a famous game title and has been the number MMORPG browser game for a quite a long time. As of March this year accumulated more than $280,000,000 dollars (US). Until that time League of Angels 2 had not been announced to any western developers and so far all the indications have shown that it will be even more successful than the first League of Angels. The detailed data hasn’t been disclosed yet – but we are really confident that League of Angels 2 will reach a historical high for us."

What was the publishing strategy behind league of angels 2?

"We learnt a lot from our marketing experience with the first League of Angels game and Bigpoint gave us a lot of help with regards to branding that we will be applying to League of Angels 2’s marketing strategy. One of the biggest focuses of our marketing and publishing strategy is our collaboration with a very famous actress involved with League of Angels 2. At this point we can’t go into much detail about it but you will know very soon. We are also in contact with writers from Hollywood as we are looking to expand the future branding of League of Angels into novels, TV dramas and short films."

Which part of the game are you most proud of and why?

"Definitely the most eye opening part of the game is the story line. League of Angels 2 will introduce a new key character whom will be the heroine and new angel in the League of Angels. Her story will be an important part of the game and we have also included a lot of background stories to the universe of League of Angels. In the process of doing that we learnt a lot about how to make the story richer and have greater content."

Do you have anything planned in terms of future updates/announcements?

"The latest thing for League of Angels 2 will be the announcement of the actress involved with the game. The game is currently being launched in over 150 countries and there will be a new wave of marketing and branding leveraging the announcement of this. Also in the future for each of the League of Angels sequels there might be a new angel added to each game with their own individual stories introduced to the universe of League of Angels."

Any plans to bring League of Angels to other platforms?

"League of Angels 2 is a browser game but for its sequels and other League of Angels games in the future, there will be mobile games, as well as cross platform games. We are also looking into VR platforms. We invest quite a lot in VR independence and also many triple A developers in the VR industry."

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