Tapulous has long reigned as king of the App Store music games. Back in the App Store's early days, they released a humble, free music game...one of the first. Since then, they've expanded, partnering with major artists and raking in the cash thanks to in-app purchases and a plethora of music-related apps. And now, it looks like the original developers have scored again—only this time, they've been acquired by Disney.

While Disney doesn't immediately come to mind when it comes to the App Store, they actually have 30+ apps released. It's not the first time they've acquired an iPhone game, either; Jelly Car 2 is also now a Disney property. As for Tapulous, well, who could blame anyone for being interested? Though the purchase price hasn't been announced, we know that Tapulous is very valuable indeed. The Tap Tap Revenge series has already racked up 1 billion song plays and 35 million downloads.

Moving forward, don't fret about Tap Tap Revenge suddenly disappearing from the App Store. Tapulous founder Bart Decrem and COO Andrew Lacy will be joining Disney as senior VPs, but they certainly aren't abandoning their company. Rather, Tapulous will be "spearheading [Disney's] drive to be the leader in mobile entertainment." Translation: Disney plans on putting the Tapulous team's knack for mobile success to good use.

Hats off to the folks at Tapulous!

Sources: TechCrunch

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