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Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 18th, 2016
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When Square Enix Montreal first hit us with Hitman GO,it was seen as a clever board game twist on a property that you wouldn't normally think would fit that kind of format. Lara Croft GOexpanded things even further while keeping some of the same core gameplay elements, and now Deus Ex GO has taken the whole thing and gone sci-fi.

For fans of the previous games, much will feel familiar this time around, yet there will still be plenty to discover by trial and error -- probably the biggest unifying element throughout this multi-IP series. Added to that are the brand new goodies the developers have cooked up, and there are a number of them in what is the most intricate GO title to date.

That being the case, it doesn't hurt to have some help on your side. We're not talking about cool tech and hacking skills, though those certainly don't hurt. No, we simply mean someone to show you the ropes, and that's what we're happy to do with these Deus Ex GO tips, tricks, and hints.

One step at a time for Adam Jensen

The turn-based movement of Deus Ex GO is an aspect shared with the previous two games. Adam Jensen, the familiar subject of the console Deus Ex series, can be moved by either tapping or flicking him to the next node along the playing field.

With every step he takes, someone will be watching him. No wait, that's not it. Every step by Jensen will lead to enemies to move one step as well, provided they are able to move at all -- and perhaps more importantly, some need to be aware of his presence to move.

Movement patterns are very important to success, and remembering where enemies will end up as you move is one of the keys to progressing through the game's earlier levels.

Approach from the side -- or the rear

Another GO trademark is present here as well: Frontal attacks on enemies leads to death. For you, that is.

On the other hand, many foes can be defeated from the back or either side, as Jensen dispatches them with his trademark style. One thing you might not expect if you're a series veteran shows up early on, as bad guys deploy Titan Shields. These make them impervious even to the vectors that would usually defeat them, so you'll need to wait for their tech to deactivate, returning them to their normal state.

Eat your heart out Harry Potter

Adam knows how to remain unseen without a magic cloak. If you locate an object that looks like a pyramid with a lightning bolt, you'll be able to use it to turn invisible by tapping the icon in the upper-right corner.

The problem is that it only lasts a short time: One step, to be exact. Jensen reappears when he takes the second step, meaning you have to be sure that you hold off turning invisible until exactly the right moment.

Bonus tip: While invisible, you can take out normal guards from the front, since they can't see you coming and defend themselves. It's the one exception to an otherwise immutable GO law.

Hacking is surviving

You know what's cool? Being able to tap into the security systems of the places you're trying to infiltrate and turn them against your opponents.

Wouldn't you know it, that's exactly what you can do in Deus Ex GO. Any time you see an upside-down triangle with a computer monitor in it, it's time to make like fsociety and get to work.

When you are on one of those nodes, you can tap on Adam to enter hacking mode. While in it, you can trace lines from that node to others, including, at times, using routes unavailable for Jensen to travel by foot.

Two very handy things can be done by hacking. One is to activate gun turrets, which allows you to take out any guards in front of them.

The other is to make temporary floor tiles appear or disappear, allowing you to reach previously unattainable areas or to strand foes on the other side of holes.

Each level in Deus Ex GO with terminals will challenge you to use hacks in slightly different ways, so be sure to experiment any time you see a new location.

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