Animal Crossing: New Leaf launched in the west back in 2013, and since then folks have been itching for a new meandering town sim. Naturally everyone was thrilled when an Animal Crossing mobile game was announced alongside Super Mario and Fire Emblem mobile titles. While the Animal Crossing mobile game is still in the works, it's sadly been delayed a second time.

Nintendo initally delayed both the Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing mobile games this past fall. While Fire Emblem: Heroes is launching on Android this coming week, Animal Crossing won't be making the targeted March release window. Instead, Nintendo expects to release Animal Crossing on mobile in the next fiscal year.

This news came in Nintedo's financial report for the fiscal period ending in December. The company reported increased profits of $569 million. Pokémon played a large role in these nmbers thanks to the success of Pokémon Sun and Moon and Pokémon GO. 2016 also marked Nintendo's first attempt to break out onto mobile platforms with the launch of Miitomo in the spring andSuper Mario Run this holiday season. Fire Emblem: Heroes is launching on February 2 on Android.

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