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Hamidel had been fainting because the evil spirits of the last boss is too strong.
Then we have trained Hamidel to resist to the evil sprits.

So, you enjoy "Runner Quest" with no care!!

App Description

"Everyone says they fear the Devil. But is it true? I feel confident that I can defeat the devil."

Hamidel left DesolaTown, his home town, overestimating himself. 
He has no friend.
His lonely challenge got started.
He has only 2 special skills.
Move left and right, and swordplay which he learned when he was a child.      
Hamidel don't stop.
He will only go forward to defeat the devil.

[How to Play]
You can attack enemies with your sword when you contact with them.
Try to attack in exact timing then you give large damage to enemies.
If an enemy is stronger than you, you get damaged.
When your health bar is short, it's good tactics to avoid enemies.

Left Button : Move left
Right Button : move Right
Special Attack Button : Special Attack 

Evil swamp : It's a trap. You will get damaged heavily. So not to step on.
Medicine : It will increase your health bar.

[What you can learn form this game]
Many people learn everything from RPG games.
You can learn a lot from this game.

・It's more painful to lose at higher level. So prepare for the stage but don't mind if you lose at early stages. 
・Try to fight to unknown enemy.
・Even if an enemy looks strong, don't avoid him without fighting because he might weak.
・Don't fight with your full strength all the time. You have to fight with your full strength at important events.
・Don't get relaxed even after defeating a boss, there are normal enemies stronger than bosses.
・Sometimes it's good tactics to avoid enemies.
・You can't avoid bosses.
・Items are for being used. It's meaningless to  stock them up.  

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App Changes

  • June 14, 2014 Initial release