App Description

Pocket Dungeon: Underground Labyrinth has a straightforward goal- make it to the bottom and defeat the last boss.
Still, it'll be a trip. Floor by floor, there are more than 200 kinds of equipment and 100 varieties of monsters
waiting for you. Make good use of the magic, weapons, and skills that you find to continue onward.
(Feel free, however, to play at your leisure. HP/MP will restore gradually when not in battle, even when the application is closed).
[Magic Items, Special Equipment]
Watch out for equipment with slightly different naming. These weapons/armor have special abilities and stats. Some weapons will freeze enemies, some will provide an increased number of attacks, some drain HP, some reflect attacks, and so on. Keep searching for stronger equipment while progressing.
Some equipment will also have sockets. Customize your equipment by inserting gems that grant different special abilities in these sockets.
[About your maximum inventory]
Be careful when your inventory is full. If you pick up an item or piece of equipment, the new item will replace the last item listed in your inventory.
[About Reincarnation]
Skill points will become harder to acquire after reincarnation. After you raise your character back to the highest level they had previously reached, skill points will once again be acquired normally.
[About Skills]
Stat changes affected by skills, while not visible in menus, will be calculated in battle.
Images- Daresokaretei (Backgrounds), Material World, Yapurin, Cyan no Yurikago, Nirvana Tenrankai Kikan, Tomoshoku, Soul or Spirit (Monsters) Rdo (Icons)
Music- Maoudamashii

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App Changes

  • August 09, 2012 Initial release

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