What's New

- Fixed a bug that caused the app to display 0 degrees on load
- Replaced the humidity display with a 'chance to precipitate' field
- Added a convenience modal to get to the Activity settings view in the main screen by tapping on the activity button
- Added a convenience modal to get to the Region/City settings view in the main screen by tapping on the Region/City button
- Supports 4'' devices
- Various bug fixes

App Description

Don't you just hate it when you go to work and half way through the day, it rains and you totally didn't think about bringing that umbrella? Or how about the time you wanted to go to the beach to swim only to realize that it was too cold to swim in? Or that time you wanted to go outdoor climbing, but just didn't know what to bring?

What if there was a way to solve all of this with a simple app? An app that told you explicitly to bring an umbrella because it's going to rain later. An app that told you that it's too cold to do something, such as going to swim at the beach. An app that tells you exactly what to wear there. That app is called 'WearThere’ and it will remedy those issues that you shouldn't have to worry about.

Knowing how to dress based on the weather has always been a tricky issue. Everyone is different when it comes to comfort with regards to the weather. Some tend to dress lighter, some tend to dress heavier. This app will also gauge your temperature sensitivity and give you suggestions on what to wear based off of that.

When looking at the weather, all you really want to know is what to wear. Unless you’re a meteorologist, all that extra info is just extraneous. Here's a simple app that will tell you exactly what to wear there.

- Suggestions on what to wear based on the weather, temp and conditions (e.g., rain, snow)
- Pre-calculated suggested temperatures of how it actually feels outside rather than the actual weather, so you don’t have to guess how hot it really is on hot humid days or how cold it really is on those windy days
- Will give suggestions for the current time for a quick assessment of what to wear
- Suggestions can be changed to an all-day analysis for easy planning of what to wear for the whole day
- Both high and low temperature suggestions will be given to prevent those days where you under/over dress because of the temperature dips/spikes.
- The ability to choose suggestions based on activities such as going to the beach, biking, or even tennis.
- Everyone is different when it comes to the temperature, so a feature to change the temperature sensitivity so the app can make a better guess of how to give suggestions
- If you’re taking this app on the go, you can select different cities to see how it feels in those cities
- Pull to refresh so you can get the latest weather update with suggestions

Feedback is always important to us!!!! We want to make this app for you, the person using it, so please send your feedback to [email protected]

Of course, what good is an app if there are issues, so please send your issues to [email protected] with any issues that you're having and we'll try to fix them in the next version!

iPhone Screenshots

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App Changes

  • June 09, 2014 Initial release

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