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Sci-Fi Hero, Y U SO HEROIC at defeating the Calimar Space Horde?! After returning to their homes and being mercilessly shamed by their families, the CALIMAR SPACE HORDE have returned, bigger, badder, and horde-ier than ever! Two new difficulty modes, NOVA and SUPER NOVA, will surely test your heroic resolve in ways you can't possibly imagine. But never fear, for this time you will ride into battle with all new weapons, armor, and trinkets that will drive the Calimar back to where they came from.

New Features Include:

• New NOVA and SUPERNOVA difficulty levels – The Calimar Space Horde are back and badder than ever!

• New Powerful Weapons, Armor, and Trinkets – Luckily, YOU are also back and badder than ever, equipped with such Calimar-crushing gear like the mythical STAFF OF HERMES and the techy-sounding TACHYON GAUNTLETS!


App Description


Far in the FUTURE… or the PAST… it doesn’t really matter. The point is play as SPACE MARINES, TECHNOMANCERS, SENTIENT ROBOT BEINGS and MORE in SCI-FI HEROES!

Face INSURMOUNTABLE odds and take control of these brave SCI-FI UNDERDOGS to help restore peace and KICK some serious evil Space Horde BUTT.

Features include:

• Iconic Sci-Fi Heroes – Players can choose from eight unique mercenaries torn from the greatest traditions of Sci-Fi: Space Marine, Animal Trainer, Space Cowboy, Priest, Id Master, Exxo, Healbot and Technomancer.

• Build the Ultimate Team of Heroes – Combining and controlling up to four characters at a time, players can test out different team combinations to find their perfect crew.

• Futuristic Weapons and Pets – With more than 100 distinctive items, players can utilize laser swords, iconic blasters and even a pet tiger. Level up and learn new skills to help take on sinister foes.

• Battle Bullying Bosses – Players and their ragtag group of fighters need to stay on their toes to figure out a way to beat increasingly difficult and menacing Horde bosses.

• Lots of Levels, Even More Loot – Maneuvering through more than 40 levels, including battle arenas, players can develop strategies and find rare, powerful items to aid in their mission.

• Play With Friends – Players can team up with friends in asynchronous Social Raids to get fuel and loot, or share valuable gifts to beef up solo and team battles.

Contact Majesco Entertainment:
• Facebook: facebook.com/SciFiHeroes
• Twitter: @scifiheroesgame
• Web: scifiheroes.com

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App Changes

  • November 01, 2012 Initial release
  • November 20, 2012 New version 1.0.1
  • March 21, 2013 New version 1.2

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