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*Small intelligent white board can play strokes and the order of strokes, on which you can scrawl and write directly.

*Pictures, pronunciation, shapes, meanings and spelling are included. They all link with one another closely. It is no doubt that it could equal a tutor.

*Deconstruct the original meanings and composition of strokes of Chinese characters.
Logic. It is so simple to learn Chinese characters.

*Each character derives from the crystal of the ancients’ wisdom, so we not only teach knowledge but also instruct wisdom.

*Starting From the origin of Chinese characters, you will get more profound
comprehension than others’ when you learn to read the same character.

I. Suitable for:
1. Peoples who want to learn Chinese characters.
2. Children aged from 2 to 8 years old;
3. Children who have know how to read can also strengthen their recognition of the meanings and origins of Chinese characters by reading this product.

II. Features

1. Breaking the difficulty in learning Chinese characters. As we all know, we need be able to write about 5,000 Chinese characters and the combination of 60,000 Chinese characters when we learn Chinese. These Chinese characters are quite complicated and have many strokes, while they do not have obvious logic.

However, we find you can easily understand why all strokes are formed in this way when you can know how a certain Chinese character evolves from its original structure gradually and realize its original meaning and the annotation of its original structure. At that time, you will feel it is so simple to learn Chinese characters.

2. Highly summarized content. After many years’ researches and teaching practice, 137 etymons of Chinese characters, single characters, Chinese character components and radicals have been extracted. Other more complicated Chinese characters derive from the combination of the 137 ones. For each Chinese character, we start from its etymology and match with intentions of the ancients when they made the character to explain it in a simple way. In addition, we offer corresponding pictures which makes beginners understand them at first glance so that they can get used to the study easily. It can be said the 137 characters are components constituting all Chinese characters. Thus, the study of other Chinese characters will be simpler and more interesting as well as corresponding memory will be more profound as long as you have mastered the 137 ones.

Comments of the user talklikeit:

I have downloaded this application for a long time. The application has many advantages. First of all, in the aspect of etymology, it not only lists over 100 common Chinese characters but also offers the original meanings of these Chinese characters and how they develop into the current shapes. From this perceptive, it is clear that the writer is quite far-sighted and talented. At least, I have not paid attention to or considered content in this aspect.*

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App Changes

  • June 07, 2014 Initial release
  • June 14, 2019 New version 4.0