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3D Respiratory System: This is a medical application that displays 3D graphics throughout the respiratory system, including its operation and separate parts each of the elements that compose it, accompanied by a great digital encyclopedia with sufficient information on the respiratory system of humans.
Each part of this respiratory system can be seen in 3D, and manipulated with a finger and rotate in all directions. ( with zoom in/out )

This is an extensive version of Encyclopedia 3D anatomical Human Respiratory System.
Use two fingers to zoom in / out graphics, full text, and pictures, inside the encyclopedia.

Also this full 3D Respiratory System you can use one finger to rotate in all directions each 3D component ( or all together )

Normal mode: Slide pages inside the encyclopedia: just slide a finger on screen.
Zoom mode: just slide a finger in any direction.

Included this encyclopedia 3D Respiratoy System:
- All full 3D Respiratoy System.
- Full 3D each part of Respiratoy System to rotate separately.
- Full 3D ( Respiratory syste, Pharinx, Trachea, Lung, LobarBronchus, Diaphragm etc )
- All 3D can be Zoom ( in / out ) and can be rotated in all directions with a finger.
- A complete and extended Encyclopedia of Respiratoy System.

Some topics in this encyclopedia:
- Lungs
- Lungs Anatomy
- Bronchy
- Respiratory tract.
- Respiratory system
- Physiology
- Pulmonary Circulation
- Nasal Cavity

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By Dr. Mau Navas, ( Digital Anatomy Encyclopedias )

And of course your comments and emails are always welcome for updates, suggestions and provide a better service for you.

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