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"...Crystal Alliances packs a pocket sized punch of value. A neat package of good visuals, compelling action-strategy and all the brutality of a more hardcore offering, fans of action-strategy RPGs will love this addition to the library." - Catastrophe,

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Four crystals and heroes are the last hope to save the town of Thaladon. Peace is gone, replaced by a divided land where monsters leave destruction in their path. Command the heroes to face the minions of a mysterious evil and reunite the crystals before the darkness takes over.

Crystal Alliance is an action-strategy role-playing game, featuring an epic campaign that will take you through a massive world. Manage four heroes with ease using the intuitive controls.

Command Four Legendary Heroes: Defend the crystals as the Gunner, Sharpshooter, Fire Mage, and Ice Mage, each with unique strengths and skills.

Explore Four Vast Realms: Battle through a treacherous world of wastelands, forests, haunted badlands, and volcanoes.

Expand Your Arsenal: Purchase new magic, upgrade your heroes with faster, deadlier weaponry and annihilate your enemies. Experience the power of the crystals by unleashing magic from the devastating "Prism", to the life saving "Heaven's Chorus."

Master The Challenges: After completing the campaign, put the skills you've learned through the ultimate test. Only the bravest heroes will complete them all.

Crystal Alliance is a hardcore RPG. You. Will. Die.

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