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OMG cute dogs galore. No ROFLCOPTERS or LOLLERSKATERS here, just cute dogs! Have a new cute dog delivered to your phone everyday!

Do you spend countless hours at school or work visiting websites like: icanhascheezburger, cuteoverload, dailypuppy, and dailykitten? Do you find yourself tossing in turning at night unable to sleep because images of cute animals keep appearing on your eyelids? Have you ever received a coffee mug with an image of your pet printed on it as a gift? We love dogs and we love pictures of dogs even more. Lolcats lookout! Cute animals turn anyone's frown upside-down, and this iPhone application will deliver a brand new cute dog picture straight to your phone every single day! Don't let the recession keep you down, wake up to a new smiling face every single day!!!

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