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1.1 注册--您可以使用任何唯一标识注册
1.2 登录-登录后如果不退出,则系统会保存登录状态
1.3 查询家人实时位置
1.4 家人活动轨迹回放
1.5 分享软件给其他人
1.6 投诉和建议
1.7 查询论坛信息和互助
1.8 安全设置和授权管理等
1.9 查看使用指南和联系客服







This software is used to help you quickly find the location of your family.

It is mainly used to solve the safety problem of family members. It is only allowed to be used between family members. It supports real-time query of each other's coordinate position and activity track.

1、 Function list (including but not limited to the following functions):
1.1 sign up - you can sign up with any unique ID
1.2 login - if you do not exit after login, the system will save the login status
1.3 query real-time location of family members
1.4 family activity track playback
1.5 share software with others
1.6 complaints and suggestions
1.7 query forum information mutual assistance
1.8. Safety setting, guardian setting, location reporting, etc
1.9 check the user guide and contact customer service

2、 Accuracy description
If the family is outside, the system uses satellite GPS signal with high accuracy; if it is indoors, the system can only pass through the base station signal, which will cause a large error. However, no matter which mode, the system rectifies the deviation through the massive database, and improves the position accuracy to the greatest extent.

3、 Power consumption notification
The system may run in the background, which will slightly increase the power consumption of the mobile phone

4、 Platform commitment
The platform is only responsible for the black box management data, and the data is only visible to the user. The platform ensures that the data will not be touched in any way, nor will the user location data be traded or replaced in any way, nor will the user location data be used for any business behavior, so as to protect the privacy and security of the user to the greatest extent.

5、 Information section
The platform also provides a section for distributing information. If you need to find people or things, you can send an email to the administrator. After the administrator reviews the content, if the content is healthy enough, the administrator will release it for you, and the main users of this section will fully cooperate with each other.

6、 Usage protocol
It can only be used between family members, and in the process of use, it needs to be carried out according to the system operation guide, and at the same time, it needs to fully follow the wishes of the other party. The software can't make a unilateral query, so it needs to be installed and authorized by each family member, and each family member can be set as a guardian to check each other's location.

7、 Help get
After the system is logged in, you can view the operation guide. If you have any unclear questions, you can submit information to the platform through the suggestion and feedback section, and the platform will reply in the first time.

iPhone Screenshots

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位置查找-GPS手机定位软件定位找人 screenshot 1 位置查找-GPS手机定位软件定位找人 screenshot 2 位置查找-GPS手机定位软件定位找人 screenshot 3 位置查找-GPS手机定位软件定位找人 screenshot 4 位置查找-GPS手机定位软件定位找人 screenshot 5 位置查找-GPS手机定位软件定位找人 screenshot 6 位置查找-GPS手机定位软件定位找人 screenshot 7 位置查找-GPS手机定位软件定位找人 screenshot 8 位置查找-GPS手机定位软件定位找人 screenshot 9 位置查找-GPS手机定位软件定位找人 screenshot 10

App Changes

  • February 05, 2020 Initial release

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