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AGentleman is an eccentric, funny, and challenging online skill & puzzle-based game where you have to guide a respectable, umbrella-carrying gentleman through a series of quirky platform puzzles which feature teleporting, old-timey bicycles, giant bats, shadowy missile-firing bad guys, a lack of gravity, and a host of other unusual obstacles and occurrences. Open your mind to a more sophisticated hero with superhero-like traits, and take a trip back to a time when good manners and decorum were expected at all times of all educated citizens no matter the situation.

An impressively cultured and refined character, The Gentleman can float through the air using his umbrella (ignoring the laws of gravity), and must be courteously patient, must avoid the use of violence (naturally, because he’s a classy guy), and must adhere to various other peculiar gentleman etiquette that governs his journey though each whacky level. As his spiritual and physical guide, you must use a clever combination of this code of good behavior and the surrounding circumstances in order to engineer a solution to each level so that the Gentleman reaches and unlocks the Exit door.

Not for the half-hearted or part-time Gentleman or Lady, this awesome interactive problem-solving game should prove a good fun activity for fans of original brain teasers and unconventional games. As well as good observation skills, strategy and creative engineering know-how (some levels require bridge building, switch flipping action), you also need to exhibit a cool head at all times, really good reflexes and keyboard tapping prowess. Let's see your class in action!

How to Play: In each of the 50 progressively difficult levels, your objective is to guide the Gentleman to the brown wooden Exit Door (usually in an awkward-to-reach location, often behind obstacles and other impediments). The faster you reach the Exit Door, the more points you score. Tap keys to control the Gentleman’s movements: Left & Right Arrows = Run; Up Arrow = Jump; Down Arrow + direction = Roll. Tap Down Arrow on its own to crouch down, and protect the gentleman from rainfall and attacks. Tap Up Arrow twice in quick succession in order to unfurl the umbrella, and float across large ravines.

In later levels, you have to contend with invisible bridges, pesky cats, other "giant" animals, umbrella-wielding bad-guys, and other obstacles. If the Gentleman gets struck by any of these objects or creatures, you fail the level. Also in later levels, the Exit Door is often locked, so you need to find a golden key before you can progress. Pay close attention to the instruction messages that appear each time a new type of challenge is introduced (which give you a vital clue on how to complete the level). Enjoy the Gentleman's challenge!

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  • June 16, 2019 Initial release