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Questland is an RPG fan’s dream

Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 6th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Fully customizable characters, exciting multiplayer events on a grand scale, and unbelievable bosses all await you in Questland, Gamesture’s latest first-person RPG adventure. If you haven’t given the game a try yet, what are you waiting for? Now’s the perfect time to catch up on what you’ve been missing.

Questland draws the eye with its unique vector graphics that bring your character to life. You’ll create a hero in your own image, customizing everything from hair to facial features. Once character creation is all taken care of, you’re ready to explore all that Questland has to offer. This expansive first-person RPG is filled to the brim with multiplayer quests and events. If crafting’s your bag, there are competitions for that. If you’re looking to embark on quests, Questland has you covered. Or perhaps you’re interesting in epic boss fights? Yep, you can even join others to take down terrible monsters.

As you make a name for yourself in this fantasy world, you’ll collect some pretty amazing gear, too. You can dress your character up in dozens of finely crafted armor sets that will not only beef up your hero, they’ll make you look super cool in the process. Arm yourself with unique weapons including, but certainly not limited to, swords, battle axes, and much more.

There’s always something new to do in Questland. You can join in right now on iOS, though Android users can expect a version on Google Play in the near future.

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MU Origin receives an autumnal patch with updates to pets and PVP

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 27th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Barely a month goes by without the workaholics at Webzen introducing shiny new content to MU Origin. This latest autumnal update continues the trend, with a big old battle, pet perks and temple blessings giving gamers more to play with.

Like the Norse myth of its namesake, Ragnarok is an epic fight, except instead of Odin et al, it’s between you and rival warriors. This massive all-server barney involves players ranked within the top one hundred in the last month, so it’s an exclusive club. If you make the cut, you’ll be fighting for the number one spot over the course of a week – the 10th to the 16th of each month, 3.30pm to 4.30pm server time. Whittle all your opponents away, and you’ll win the epithet MU Origin No.1 and the right to strut round Lorencia like you own the place. For those unsuccessful, there are still prizes for taking part. Ragnarok points are awarded whether you win or lose, and can be used to buy items from the Ragnarok shop.

Aside from solo combat, the update ushers in Guild Temples that grant bonuses to your character. Investing resources into upgrading your temple means the strength of buffs and bonuses improve, so you might want to consider it if you’re looking to gain the edge over rivals. The level cap for guilds has gone up two points to ten, too, so there’s room to grow more powerful in other ways.

If you’ve completed the Faith War quest, you’ll automatically unlock the pet skill system, the next new feature in this latest MU update. Skill slots can be unlocked and upgraded for pets level thirty and above, providing handy buffs to your character. Every time your eligible pets level up another ten times, they’ll unlock an additional skill slot. The skills themselves come in three grades – Rare, Epic and Magic. Your pet can have four active skills at any one time, which could provide a useful stat boost.

There’s also a new Cry Wolf statue in Lorencia you can praise, a new area called Elveland to explore for characters eleven rebirths or higher, plus a couple of minor system improvements thrown in. That’s the low-down on the update, until the next patch in not too long. You can enjoy these additions whilst slaying monsters by downloading MU Origin for free on iOS and Android.

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Run a farm from your mobile in Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 26th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

If you’re looking for a laid-back alternative to all the war games out there in app land, how about a bright, cheerful farm simulator instead? German developer Goodgame Studios has brought its browser-based Big Farm to the mobile, and the only hacking and slashing you’ll be doing is ploughing your fields.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest begins with your inheriting a sorry swathe of countryside from your uncle George. You can make him proud by turning the plot’s fortune around, building a productive farm and harvesting the fruits of your labour. Helping you do just that are friendly locals Benny and Tessa, along with other colourful characters dedicated to cheering up the land a bit. They’ll issue you with quests and aid you with useful tips along the way.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is strategic, with the priority being sustainable management. You can’t build a thriving farm on shaky foundations, so you have to keep the livestock and farmhands happy, reinvest the profit you make from selling down the market into growth, reuse materials like manure to improve the quality of your soil and output of your harvest. There are a lot of arable balls to juggle, but the game guides you gently along the way. As well as quests, seasonal events will keep you keen. There’s a Halloween party coming up, as well as a Fairytale Festival and farmyard tour to arrange.

If you’re looking for fun farm simulator to relax into, you can download Big Farm: Mobile Harvest for free on Android and iOS.

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3D role-playing and effortless controls combine in Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 25th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

An idle fantasy RPG perfect for those without much time on their hands and only a few minutes to spare, Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga is the new iOS and Android game that keep things simple. Single-handed click controls allows all to make the most of the game’s full 3D action with minimal touch, thrusting you into the action on a dragon-slaying quest.

Featuring a near-endless amount of challenges to overcome and plenty of gold to gather within each dungeon, Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga aims to be a simple but sizeable experience. What will you be doing with your new-found treasures? Pumping them into any one of the game’s 70 distinct heroes. With so many characters to seek out and grasp, learning each will take time if you’re to rise through the ranks and be the best.

The more higher-powered heroes you gather, the more likely your team is to make light work of your foes and win battles. A refined card collecting/deck system means being able to create the ultimate team, so it pays to upgrade each whenever possible. Even when offline, Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga’s time loop system assures that your strength is always improving, perfectly primed for when you next jump into the game.

Anyone looking for an extra layer of challenge will want to venture forth into Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga’s dedicated PVP arena battles. Pitting player against player and thus deck against deck, it’s here where you’ll gain a better idea of how you stack up globally. If rounds ever get too heated, a built-in competitor select function helps pairs up those who are equally matched for a fairer fight.

Take a more relaxed approach to your role-playing battles, Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga is free to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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Legacy of Discord celebrates its 1 year anniversary with some exciting new updates

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 19th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

It’s been a thrilling first year for fans of Legacy of Discord, the stunning PvP dungeon-crawling ARPG from YOOZOO Games, and now it’s time to celebrate the game’s first anniversary. The developers are amping up the festivities with some exciting new updates for Legacy of Discord.

Legacy of Discord will be introducing the Metamorph System on the game’s anniversary, allowing players to transform into intimidating boss monsters on the battlefield, allowing you to gain the upper hand in tough fights. Available to players at level 55 and higher, you can choose to transform into four different boss monsters -- Flaming Spider, Sharpshooter, Puppet of Steel, and Phantom Revenant. Upon taking the monsters form, you’ll gain access to their unique abilities, offering new ways to approach your enemies. You’ll transform back to your original HP if the Metamorph dies or you cancel the status.

A brand new survival mode also makes its way into the game called Last Guardian . In this exciting new gameplay mode, you’ll be facing off against other players in a high-stakes fight to be the last surviving player.

Each match in the new Last Guardian mode will last for 20 exhilarating minutes. You’ll be placed on a map with 39 other players, all with the same base attributes as you. Once the battle starts, you’ll be forced to fight off other players while collecting weapons, equipment, potions, and experience to become the strongest player on the field.

Since its launch in late 2016, nearly 70 million guardians from over 190 countries have been created in the game, and now is an excellent time to fight right alongside them. With the anniversary celebrations well under way, there is a whole lot for beginners and seasoned veterans alike to explore.

You can find Legacy of Discord free to download now from the App Store, Amazon App Store and Google Play.

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3 reasons to play Thunder Armada - the new WWII naval stategy game from Chyogame

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 19th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

The bygone days of the Battleship board game might have past, but naval combat simulators still find an audience on mobile. Thunder Armada is Chinese developer Chyogames latest entry into the genre, drawing inspiration from the explosive exchanges across the seas during World War 2. Here are three reasons to set sail for its turbulent tides.

Realistic models

Thunder Armada features detailed models strictly based on the design of historical vessels from around the world, rendered in 3D. The British Nelson-class and American Iowa-class battleships feature alongside the likes of the Japanese super-dreadnought Nagato and Kuroshio destroyers. History buffs should find something to get excited about, then.

Strategic battles

Taking inspiration from the oceanic clashes in the Pacific and Altantic, Thunder Armada puts you in the midst of the action. You take strategic command during famous battles including Pearl Harbour and Midway Island, with text providing historical context during each campaign. Which formation you choose for you fleet directly impacts how the conflict unfolds, often more so than how you use the manual controls, so you can’t sit back and relax. You’ve got a war to win.

Familiar faces

Drawing further from the history books, Thunder Armada allows you to play as several high profile World War 2 commanders such as US Navy general Chester William Nimitz, as you fight for dominance across the high seas.

If all that’s got you reaching for the trigger on the nearest Mark 7 50 cal’ cannon, hop on board a battleship in Thunder Armada. You can download it from the App Store and Google Play.

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Experience a full 3D fantasy MMORPG, as EZFun’s Eternity Guardians launches on mobile

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 19th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Those hoping to sink their teeth into a meaty hack and slash RPG that encourages you to fight with others might want to check out EZFun’s new Eternity Guardians. Available to download for iOS and Android, Eternity Guardians is an MMORPG that lets you step into the role of a demigod on a mission to save your sister from evil forces.

Setting you on a story heavily-inspired by rich Norse mythology, you’ll rub shoulders with famous gods like Loki and Odin, slicing and dicing your way through hordes of enemy orcs. Eternity Guardians differs from other fantasy RPGs in that you’re never tied to just one class. Dubbed “no-class combat”, it’s this free-flow battle system that lets you fluidly switch weapons mid-fight to help give you an edge over enemies.

Helping you on this godly adventure are the various companions and pets that prove vital when wanting to further upgrade and boost your character’s abilities. Companions can be called in to help decimate your enemies, while any pets you find in shops and events passively offer attribute buffs. Anyone checking into Eternity Guardians over the Halloween period can look forward to an exclusive pet to celebrate, so be sure not to miss out.

Waiting for you following the single-player campaign are Eternity Guardians’ various online offerings, keeping the action thick and fast in the form of challenges, siege bosses, leaderboards, and guild warfare activities. And if that’s not enough, jump into 3V3 Royal Rumble, the game’s built-in PVP mode that lets your hone your skills against real-life players online.

You don’t have to wait long to fight the shadowy Pandora organisation, Eternity Guardians is free to download now from both the GooglePlay and App Store.

Q&A: A-33 Studio explains why Combat Squad is different from other mobile FPS games

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 16th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

When it comes to mobile FPS, it’s often tricky to get the fundamentals right on a platform lacking a physical controller, large display and hefty RAM. With Combat Squad: Project Wednesday, A-33 Studio bravely took on the challenge of making a decent shooter that plays to the strengths of mobile gaming, rather than its weaknesses. The game was released earlier this year, and places you in charge of a five-person team of customisable soldiers, battling against other players online.

Whether the developer’s aspirations for Combat Squad have been achieved is for you to decide. The proof is in the shrapnel-laden, gunpowder pudding, after all. But we caught up with the people at A-33 Studio to find out what the process of making the game was like, and what they hope gamers will experience playing it.

148 Apps: What do you feel distinguishes Combat Squad from other mobile shooters?

A-33 Studio: One distinguishing factor is how the effectiveness of your tactical and strategic decisions depends on the combination of agents you select for your squad. Each agent has unique characteristics and players can recruit and customise them with Perks to fit their style of gaming. For example, a player may pick an agent that specialises in close-range combat, equipping them with the Suicide Bombing Perk causing them to detonate upon death. That turns the character into an effective assault unit.

In Combat Squad, you have the freedom to customise and experiment with different tactics to find out what works for you.

Q: What challenges did you face during the development of Combat Squad, and how did you overcome them?

A: To make battle between squads possible, much of our effort went into the development of the AI system. In the one-versus-one PVP mode, AI controls all of the agents except for the ones controlled by the players. This requires AI that can work tactically to complete the mission, even if the players wander off to fight alone.
One of the key challenges was finding the right balance for the AI’s ability. If the AI is too good, it makes the player feel like a sidekick. If the AI isn’t good enough, it gets in the way of the player carrying out the mission. To find the solution, we conducted countless experiments to reach the point in Combat Squad we’re at today. But we’re still making improvements and will continue to do so.

Q: Which part of the game are you personally most proud of and why?
A: There are many FPS games, each with different paces of battle, many of which we found to be on the slow side. What we really wanted for Combat Squad was to create fast-paced FPS battles that deliver the tension of the battlefield. We also wanted the game to feel dynamic, precise and feature high quality graphics.

In order to fully utilise the graphical potential of the Unreal Engine 4, along with achieving the other goals mentioned, we have worked very hard. We’re proud to say we fulfilled much of what we envisioned for Combat Squad. From now onwards, the feedback from players will help us discover what the game is lacking, and how to improve it into the future.

Q: What do you feel players will enjoy most about the game?
A: The DIVE system is a feature unique to Combat Squad, and we expect many players will find this interesting. DIVE was developed to give players tactical influence over the battlefield, swapping between agents in their squad at will. For example, imagine an enemy sniper positioned in the distance confronts a player charging in with a submachine gun. In other FPS games, the player would typically either attempt to find a different route, or rush headlong into the sniper’s path. With the DIVE system, however, there are more options. The player could dive into an agent in a different location to flank the sniper, attacking from a different angle. Diving in and out of the right agents at the right time and place is a great tactic and enables you to control the battlefield.

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Dive in to Combat Squad if you’re looking for fresh FPS fun

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 12th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Earlier this year, A-33 Studio made the leap from developing Counter Strike Online to launching its very own FPS for the mobile. Combat Squad: Project Wednesday pits your team of mercs against the world in multiplayer death matches, so if you’re on the hunt for a new shooter this might be worth a shot.

Gameplay involves assembling a team of five mercenaries, each with distinct specialties ranging from clandestine sniping to close-range combat. You can customise your band of brawlers further by equipping different perks, with forty to choose from in total. Controlling a member of your plucky paramilitary is done using the onscreen sticks – left to move and right to look. There’s a button in the centre for manual shooting, or an auto-fire option if you want to make life a little easier. Pretty standard for mobile shooters, so if you’re au fait with this fare then you’ll fare OK.

During one-versus-one battle, Combat Squad’s Dive system allows you to switch control between soldiers, with AI taking over to guide the rest of your team against combatants. If you’re a more sociable kind of soldier, you can also play five-versus-five, joining arms with other online players to take on rival teams in an all-out slaughter fest. There are seven multiplayer modes to get stuck into, including Deathmatch, Zombie and Demolition, taking place across maps spanning Europe and Central Asia. You won’t have much time to admire the exotic locales, though, what with all the bullet dodging.

If Combat Squad’s launch passed you by, don’t worry - you haven’t missed the boat. In fact you and your mercs can scuba your way to the boat, commandeer it and show these other pretenders who’s boss. But first you’ve got to download it for free from the App Store or Google Play.

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This year developer INNOTEG finally gave Runestone Keeper an Android release

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 6th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

When Runestone Keeper was released on iOS and Steam back in 2015, it won plenty of fans and even picked up some awards. INNOTEG had managed to produce a retro dungeon crawler that tickled the nostalgia glands of older gamers whilst drawing a younger crowd into a notoriously tough roguelike world. But all of us curtain-twitchers stuck in Android camp could only watch on in curiosity, since there was no version for us. Two years later, though, and a dedicated Android release means we can play catch-up by exploring the depths of Runestone Keeper. And in doing so die, over and over again, as per tradition.

The game itself is a little reminiscent of Dungelot, with greater RPG elements and a bit of a backstory pinning it all together. In the beginning, you play as a nameless hero, but after successive runs you’ll unlock more characters including vampires and sorcerers, offering a variety of different stats and abilities. Each run involves moving floor-by-floor downward into the dark 16-bit dungeon, exploring your surroundings one tile at a time. The levels are seven-by-seven grids, a departure from many dungeon crawlers featuring expansive maps, and the floors are sprinkled with monsters to kill, traps to trip and loot to plunder.

Combat in Runestone Keeper is turn-based, and you’ll often benefit from taking a tactical approach, including making the odd retreat. The aim is to get as far as possible before inevitably meeting your end in some cobwebbed corner, only to start all over again. It’s like Billy Murray in Groundhog Day, except instead of learning piano, you have to slay monsters ad infinitum.

There are some novel features including the ability to worship one of several gods, who will grant you some bonus abilities in exchange for a sacrifice of their choosing. You can switch divine allegiances mid-run, since certain gods can offer more in exchange for your loyalty, but be prepared to fork out a severance package for any Brexit-like withdrawal of membership.

If you’re keen to try out a vintage dungeon crawler which doesn’t hold your hand, Runestone Keeper could be just the thing. You can now download it on Android, as well as iOS.

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Immerse yourself in stunning action MMO Team Guardian

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 3rd, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

The immense action RPG Team Guardian has made the shift from PC to mobile at long last, giving mobile fans even more ways to sink themselves into the game’s incredible world. With thrilling competitive PvP content, epic raid battles and, yes, plenty of loot, this is the mobile MMO you won’t want to miss.

Team Guardian boasts a veritable wealth of content. From an exciting story line to intense PvP content, there’s something for everyone. Join a guild and compete against other groups for loot and control of the mines. If guild work doesn’t excite you, why not join in on some boss raids for battles against monstrous foes and the chance for some amazing loot? On top of all of that, Team Guardian has plenty of Dungeon Raids to keep you busy, each with unique gameplay modes, include Escorting, Annihilation, and Defense.

To stake your claim in this amazing multiplayer world, you’ll need to create a character that works for you. Luckily Team Guardian gives you the chance to choose from up to 30 unique characters, all with their own abilities and characteristics. You’ll be able to pull off amazing combos with your fellow players for killer damage.

Ready to start your adventure? You can pick up Team Guardian today on iOS and Android.

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Build a kingdom of your own with the new Creature Quest update

Posted by 148Apps Staff on September 14th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

The folks at VC Mobile have been diligent in unloading regular fresh content for their gacha RPG, Creature Quest, but now they’re taking things to an entirely new level with the game’s September update. Introducing a kingdom-building feature, a new dungeon system, and loads of new events, now’s a great time to jump back into the action or start anew.

The most exciting news is, of course, the Kingdoms feature. At long last, players are now free to build their own mini-kingdoms in Creature Quest. There are dozens of buildings to purchase and build. Once your little structures are up and running, you can assign a creature to each of your buildings, and they’ll help you run things. Building a Kingdom is a perfect opportunity to further strengthen your creatures and their abilities.

Dungeons have also gotten an important overhaul. Gold and silver tier players will now be able to fill out multiple dungeons. If you fill out multiple dungeons completely, you’ll get some valuable defense bonuses for your creatures. The game will choose one dungeon from a player with multiple dungeons at random for opponents to face. The rewards are great, and we expect you’ll enjoy the Dungeons’ new look.

VC Mobile has also implemented new ways to get creatures with more dots. You’ll now be able to perform Combo Dot Fusion, allowing you to breed creatures who have fewer dots with those that have more to create more powerful versions of your weaker creatures. It’s a great way to bolster your collection.

In addition to all of that, there are a lot of new events happening this month, including all new Summon events. Join in the new Seasonal Quest, Class Mateys, from September 18th to October 1st, and be sure to catch the “School of Hard Knocks” Summon Event for a chance to see the new Legendary Creature, Asura, from September 29th to October 1st.

We hope you’re prepared for a new season of fresh Creature Quest fun, whether you’re a new or returning player. There’s never been a better time to join in and you can find Creature Quest free to download on Google Play, the App Store, and Amazon App Store.

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Catch yourself in a web of card-based skill in Spider Solitaire, free to download now

Posted by 148Apps Staff on August 31st, 2017

Having already its teeth previously with the game in prior titles Klondike Solitaire and Tripeaks Solitaire, mobile developer Forsbit is once again hoping to reinvent the traditional card game by (quite literally) providing a unique spin. Spider Solitaire is the perfect pastime for when you’re waiting in line, twiddling your thumbs, or just generally have a few minutes to spare.

Roll to Win with Game of Dice’s new update

Posted by 148Apps Staff on August 17th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Joycity’s hit Game of Dice gets a big new update this week, introducing new maps, mechanics, and even costumes.

The update sets players loose on an exciting new map, The Cursed Tower, that allows folks to use special Runes mid-match. If you feel like taking a trip down memory lane, though, the new “Map of the Day” feature will grant you access to a past seasonal map each day. It’s a great chance to catch up on content you might have missed.

Tencent’s Arena of Valor enters the European mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Posted by 148Apps Staff on August 11th, 2017

Tencent Games is making its first moves into the European gaming market with the launch of Arena of Valor. Published by Proxima Beta, the 5V5 mobile MOBA game has proved to be hugely success in parts of Asia where it has topped the download charts – and the game is now officially coming to Europe.

Arena of Valor’s look and feel is something MOBA fans will be immediately struck by. Bringing together best in-class graphics and popular MOBA gameplay, Arena of Valor has been designed especially for mobile gaming lovers. Offering three lanes and a jungle, different gameplay modes including 5v5, and a growing roster of exciting heroes to play, Arena of Valor’s original soundtrack has been composed completely by the world renowned composed Hans Zimmer.