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It’s time to step up and start your spooky adventure with our guide to Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 20th, 2016

So you’ve just downloaded Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery, and you obviously want to hit the ground running. Well you’re in luck because you just so happen to be reading our very useful guide to playing.

First released in July last year, the game has been revamped to include an all new “dark square” setting to explore, and a shiny new rewards chest to win – not to mention now being available on loads more platforms including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Amazon, and in the near future even Facebook.

So if you’re new to the game and want a heads up on what to expect, or you’re a veteran player in need of a little refresher – we’ve got everything you’ll need to help you start off strong.

General Game Play

Taking place in Darkwood – a mysterious city that’s shrouded in secrets and plagued by a terrible evil, you’ll have to step up to the mark and be the saviour they so desperately need.

Exploring over 28 creepy locations, you’ll have to hunt for hidden objects that’ll get you closer to unearthing the secrets of the city, and free the townsfolk from the horrible curse that’s trapped them within the city walls.

In your quest to save the town, you’ll have to befriend the locals to trade and receive useful items, and battle the terrifying monsters that terrorise the city, to progress in the game.

Banishing Monsters

While the city was already in the midst of a monstrous epidemic, the night of Halloween eve grands the ghouls even more power, but luckily for you there are ways of vanquishing them.

Although every monster you banish will earn you rewards and points that’ll help you progress, the higher the level of monster, the more you’ll get out of vanquishing them. Just remember that every monster has a unique banishing item, so be on the look-out for any you might find.

With the level one banishing items being fairly common place, you’re sure to collect a few lying around on your travels, but if need be you can still trade with the locals. However the higher the level monster, the harder you’ll have to search for the banishing items – with level 3 objects only being attained through trading with specific people.

While the lower level monsters will only earn you 100 -300 coins and a maximum of 3 energy points each, those on level 3 will get you 600 coins and at least 6 energy points.

To get the items you need to banish these monsters, you’ll need to speak to the Blacksmith, (who will craft the Neptune’s Horn and Silver Fang items to banish the Fire Elemental and Werewolf Leader), the Fortune Teller (who’ll give you the Greek Fire needed to get rid of the Clot of Dark) and the Inventer (they’ll help you dispose of the Gremlin Leader and Medusa by giving you the Electrical Net and Mirror Shield items).

The Fortune Teller will help you dispose of the Clot of Dark monster by crafting Greek Fire.

As for the Gremlin Leader and Medusa, you’ll need something a tad more scientific. Speak to the Inventor to obtain an Electrical net and Mirror to drive these evil beings out of Darkwood.

Almost everybody in Seekers Notes will have something useful to trade for, so always make sure to stay on everyone’s good side to find those all important banishing items.

You can download Seekers Notes: Hidden Mysteries for free from the App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, and Amazon Appstore.

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Diggy’s Adventure launches on Android and iOS

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 20th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Diggy’s Adventure is the exciting new mobile app brought to you by Pixel Federation.

Transporting you all the way to Egypt, you’ll join Diggy and his mates in their quest to find Diggy’s dear old dad – completing challenges put to you by the gods (and other characters) and earning rewards and points to do so.

Get ready to dig through mines and look for objects that’ll aid you in your journey and replenish your health and energy capacity, by finishing in-game quests to get you ever closer to tracking down Diggy’s father.

But if you’re thinking that the excitement ends at camp, then you can think again buddy. As well as putting your wits to the test in the various quests you’ll undertake, you’ll also have to practice your basic survival skills -crafting useful objects and cooking mysterious ingredients to ensure your survival, and become the greatest adventurers in the online world.

Drawing the inspiration for its general concept from great games like the early 90’s hit Minerva, and Facebook game Treasure Isle, Diggy’s Adventure looks great for all you adventure buffs with its winning combination of interesting characters, an exciting premise, and a gripping storyline.

And with special events and offers to enjoy, not to mention being able to decorate and alter the theme of your campsite, Diggy’s Adventure could be right up your street if you’ve got itchy (virtual) feet.

Diggy's Adventure is availble to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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Happy anniversary Game of Dice

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 19th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

It’s been a great year for JoyCity, as its hit game Game of Dice has just celebrated its one year anniversary in spectacular style.

First released in October 2015, the game has been an enormous success - ranking in the top five of the highest grossing mobiles games in Hong Kong for the majority of last year, including achieving first place for two months on Google Play.

Now one year on, the games success in Asia has made it a one of a kind brand – and to celebrate its success JoyCity is releasing loads of brand new content for the title’s many fans.

The game asks you to make your way around a virtual board, buying as much real estate as you can while you do so. If you want to be crowned as the most powerful in the game you’ll have to be both ruthless and cunning though – completing the circuit as many times as possible in order to increase your worth and bankrupt the other players.

And if that didn’t sound exciting enough, the newest update promises to add even more fun to the game.

Now including the new 1v1 “Genius Showdown” map (which contains a “superplay” feature that hikes up the tolls in your chosen cities), and shortened match times to help with dynamic game play – it’s no wonder Game of Dice was such a massive hit the first time around, with the update adding to what was an already hugely successful formula.

Game of Dice is available to download on iOS and Android.

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Put your empire on top in our guide to Clash of Kings: The West

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 14th, 2016

Western gamers are in for a treat with the new RTS game Clash of Kings: The West. This is because it’s been designed specifically for the western market, so you’ll no longer have to put up with players from mainland China dominating the game as a result of cheaper IAP’s.

Developer Elex Tech has also included several new features, as well as refining elements of its popular franchise.

New additions range from exclusive events like castle lucky day and Vikings invasion, right up to resource collecting combos and much more.

One of the best changes made with this latest instalment in the franchise lies in its fairer challenge to players who don’t want to pay extra for progression. Elsewhere, PVP and PVE events have been moved towards well thought out strategies and gameplay, making the overall experience far more fair.

But invading kingdoms and destroying whole armies is still no easy task, so allow us to guide you through some of the game’s main features. Here are some of the key points to get you on your conquering way…

Getting started

A really convenient feature for all you newbie’s at the beginning of the game is a two-minute guide to get you on your merry way. If you’re still stuck you can always ask other players for help later on.
Early on in the game you will also receive a number of tantalising items that will help speed-up game progression - completely free of charge.

As cool as that is items will only get you so far of course, so your main focus will need to be earning experience points to progress as fast as you can. Making sure your VIP status is active, slaying monsters, and completing tasks are a great way for getting EXP early in the game.

Another tip is to invest in the extra builder from the start, as it will halve the time taken to upgrade buildings.

Kingdom conqueror

Once you start getting a taste for battles, resources and effort should then be focused in dominating the games various cities and towns.

Careful though – don’t forget that your own towns and cities will come under attack, so make sure to invest in defensive measures by upgrading castles, fortresses, hospitals, and more.

A different kind of clash

There’s also a new focus on several upgradeable buildings - a feature where you will need to prioritize what’s most important. A good tip is to focus on upgrading your college as soon as possible to give your kingdom a technological edge over your opponents.

Military hospital

Every kingdom needs an army of course, and if you want to build a kingdom that lasts you’re going to need to keep that army safe. Upgrading military buildings and hospitals will lessen the damage from battle and improve troop abilities.

A good tip early on in the game is to upgrade your military to the level of legion before focusing on improving your troop’s abilities.

Achievements worthy of a king

All of this feeds back into the game’s unlockables, with rewards for castle upgrades coming in the form of achievements.

The Wall of Honour will showcase your greatest feats on the battlefield - giving players extra incentive when it comes to showing off to friends.

When achievement requirements are met, players will earn a star and gold rewards. Stars can then be used to unlock stamps if you have three in your arsenal.

Even deeper than that, every few minutes you will get a free reward pack which can be found on the left side of the interface. If you still have a hankering for free gifts, you can visit the princess too.

And for those willing to splash out some cash, the game rewards them with free daily gifts. Which is nice.

You can find Clash of Kings: The West on iOS and Androidfor free.

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Pit army against army in the latest update for Crab War

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 13th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

You are the great crab god – and through supreme shellfish-ness must lead an army of crustaceans to battle against the invading reptiles.

That, as you’ll know if you’ve played Appxplore’s addictive action game Crab War, means you’ll be doing a lot of frantic tapping to unleash wave after wave of crab soldiers at your foes. As you fight, you climb further towards the surface to reclaim the ancient land you’ve lost.

In Crab War you can expend the resources you’re rewarded with during battle on the Evolutionary Tree, evolving your crab swarms into bigger and tougher opponents. Ecdysis gives you powerful mutation types to equip, and there are over 80 crabs and 30 crab queens to line your ranks and make those reptiles quiver in their scales.

The latest update to Crab War adds greater customisation as well as a tournament system to compete with other players. Tournament gameplay involves pitting your army against the reptiles in order to see which player has the most formidable crustaceans. The better you do, the higher your rank on the leaderboard. As a reward for taking a turn in the tournament, you can win plenty of resources including pearls, gems, and genes to spend on your swarms too.

Genes are a new addition - and can unsurprisingly be used in the Gene Tree. The Gene Tree offers greater customisation – you choose the branch you want to take, evolving either your defensive or offensive skills. This in turn improves the rewards gleaned from each fight and so on. You can then test your genes in tournament to become king of the crabs.

Get snappy and download Crab War for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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Mix and match and attack and defend in the new genre fusion defence game Tower Rumble

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 13th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Tower defence titles have become one of mobile gaming’s most popular genres, but rarely do they divert from their core formula.

That’s about to change with the release of the genre mash-up title Tower Rumble though. Developers Neo-Realms have looked to freshen up the tower defence traditions by adding action strategy, puzzle, and MOBA elements into its exotic brew of influences.

You are tasked with lobbing spells at your opponents in hopes of overrunning their tower, all while trying to defend their own structure. This is done through the use of a match-3 style mechanic, asking you to link up your spells before using them.

Just as the game’s premise is full of variables, so too are the wide variety of spells in the game. These spells are released randomly through play so you will have to stay on your toes, as well as strategizing what to use.
It’s not just spells that can be picked up throughout gameplay though, as you will also be able to utilise power-ups, battlefield items, and skills.

Don’t think either that you can just rely on one overpowered upgrade to win either, as Tower Rumble looks to have a fairer approach to battles compared to most tower defence titles.

The game focuses on its campaign modes (3 of which are free), whilst also incorporating multiplayer tournament modes and 40 levels in the arcade mode – a nice mixture that runs right through every facet of the title.

The campaign mode will see you embark on an epic journey through the lands of Artyficia, taking on armies of goblins, slimes, dwarves, and more - as well as featuring an array of challenging boss battles.

The core mode will also see you unravel a mysterious plot surrounding the greedy kings of Artyficia, all while levelling up your skills, searching for artifacts that will boost your army, and mining to pay for unique upgrades. Will your tower be the last one standing when it’s all said and done?

The game even supports offline play on the same device - for those who would rather take down their opponent in person.

You can get this towering title from the App Store and Google Play.

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If you like Monsters, mystery, and mayhem, check out Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery's latest update

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 13th, 2016
+ Universal & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

If you’ve got itchy virtual feet and are eager to embark on your next adventure, then you’re in luck because the people of Darkwood need your help.

Trapped by a mysterious curse that prevents them from ever leaving the city, the residence of Darkwood are in dire need of a saviour (but rather strangely are unwilling to help). That’s where you come in.

In your quest to lift the curse, you’ll have to gather your wits and search for the hidden objects that are key to uncovering Darkwoods’ mysterious past. With 28 locations to explore you’ll also have to complete a series of time limited trials, including gruelling challenges and cryptic puzzles to progress and uncover more locations and tasks.

While the game was released in July last year, the newest Halloween themed update brings new life to the game. Get ready for the brand new spooktastic “Dark Square” location that’s full of holiday themed events and rewards, including a unique casket full of Halloween avatars, stickers, and talismans that increase your energy regeneration.

But explorers beware, as the night of Halloween eve brings special powers to the Darkwood monsters – so be sure to find as many special objects as you can, as you’ll need them to banish the fiends back to the hell mouth.

But the fun doesn’t end there. If you need a little extra help with your tasks, you can invite your mates to join you in the game, and leave helpful little tips for you to find.

With so many great key features for you to look forward to, including the gorgeous graphics, enchanting music, and the regular free updates – not to mention the 1,200 plus quests to enjoy, Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery could be your new favourite game if you’ve got a taste for adventure.

You can download Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery for free from the App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, or Amazon Appstore.

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We interviewed Elex Tech about its brand new title Clash of Kings: The West

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 11th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Great news for all of you Clash of Kings fans out there (well, the one’s from the west at least) Elex Tech has been hard at work to create a brand new version of the game Clash of Kings: The West, which has been developed specifically just for the Western market.

Clash of Kings: The West isn’t a brand new take on the original (it still employs the same game mechanics and style) but it does address the issues that made the original Clash of Kings such a frustrating experience for many players. The biggest of these changes is the reduced benefit of high tier in-app purchases that led to annoying pay to win tactics, as well as the dominance of players from China who had access to cheaper IAP’s.

There’s even an event in store for Clash of Kings: The West that will make the game much fairer for all, where low tier purchases will now pay much greater dividends in the game. For just $1.50 you will receive items and bonuses that will make you competitive even against the games big spenders – and best of all this event will run forever.

Naturally, with a new release there comes new exciting content, and in Clash of Kings: The West you can also expect to see some exciting new additions to its battle gameplay - with brand new items and original creative gameplay such as sea battle.

To satisfy the adventurer in you, you’ll also have the chance to go on treasure hunts with the Explorer’s Guild feature.

Don’t forget to check out the games Facebook page either, where you’ll find plenty more in-game rewards and content to enjoy.

We spoke to one of the developers on Clash of Kings: The West to ask them what they think makes this game really special.

Which part of the game are you personally the most proud of and why?

"I like the monster challenge ranking, but it’s more of an early stage game-play, the middle term players rarely play it. This game-play is a pure test of battle strategy. I’m a tactical player, so I like the content that needs research and strategy."

What is the game’s community like, and have you found it to have a global appeal?

"The players have a strong connection from battles, and a weaker connection from communications, you can easily know whether he/she is enemy or ally. You can simply see it from behavior like attack or reinforce.

We use Google translation in our chatting system, which supports 60 most common languages to make the global chatting available."

Do you have anything planned in terms of future updates for the game and, if so, can you give us any details of what these might include?

"We prepared some interesting battle items. You may see them in the October updates, which will add more fun to the rather “boring” battles. And we also are planning some very creative game-play, such as a sea battle. We're also considering modifying the battle of the throne, so that more players can join and get prizes from it."

Do you have any tips or advice to users on how to play the game?

"If you haven’t tried CTW, please try it now! If you are enjoying it, please share it with more friends, because this is a fair war game that you can play for a long time. You can find all the exciting war game-play in this game."

How is Clash of Kings:The West performing so far and has it been meeting expectations?

"CTW has launched for 3 months, got half a million downloads in Google Play, and received more than 20,000 reviews, rating at 4.1. The first iOSversions of the game had a game bug and received rather low ratings, but as we solved this bug, the latest 2 versions also received rating at 4+.

The tech and operation team are in charge of Facebook Managing, Marketing, Developing and Product Managing. Without any UA ads, we achieved more than 200,000 weekly active users, and more than 30,000 paying active users in 3 months. I’m pretty satisfied with our current performance."

You can download Clash of Kings: The West for free from Google Play and the App Store.

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ZPLAY’s new match-three game Mr. Catt is a purrfect puzzler

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 5th, 2016

Black Cat wakes up. The night is dead silent and candlelight flickers in the wind. Where has White Cat disappeared to? Well that’s where you come in.

Beijing publisher ZPLAY’s new tile-matching game Mr. Catt tasks you with discovering where White Cat is hiding. You journey across the galaxy one star at a time, with each star presenting a new puzzle. Gameplay involves dragging blocks strategically on to the board to make matching groups of three. Special blocks like Lightning help you to clear the screen more swiftly, and the bigger the combo, the higher your score. There are more than 300 stages to solve, so plenty to keep you busy.

As you move through the mission map, the illustrative graphics and nocturnal soundtrack give everything a dreamy quality. There are little Easter egg animations to discover, and the story unfolds over three distinct episodes.

Mr. Catt is a real mellow affair, and has more charm than many tile-matching games out there.

Mr Catt is available to download for free on Google Play.

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Say cheese with the new social quiz game FaceUp

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 4th, 2016

Photos have been given an invigorating new lease of life thanks to the power of social media. What hasn’t been achieved before however, is an effective use for them in gaming.

Ubisoft have looked to change all of that with mobile game FaceUp however, which centres around the use of selfies – giving you the chance to do picture battle in a fun guessing game.

This Snapchat and Facebook inspired title assists players in breaking records set in-game, while letting them brag about their awesome detective skills through Facebook.

The aim of the game is to properly identify the game’s multitude of catalogued moods and expressions through the charades-like usage of your friends’s selfies.

You won’t be looking over endless realms of mugging for nothing either, with in-game unlockables including stickers to extra game modes.

This alongside several planned updates will look to keep things fresh, with the game also playable online and offline.

It’s certainly an interesting experiment, and one which puts gaming at the forefront. Bonus modes include a combo option which tasks you with incorporating multiple facial expressions - to make it even harder for your friends to guess what faces you’re attempting to pull.

The range of expressions listed in the game is sure to keep you amused, featuring everything from imitating rabbits to portraying politicians – so it’s time to get your game face on. Literally.

If you’re a fan of inserting cosmetic touches onto your selfies, like through the use of emojis and stamps, FaceUp even has that aspect covered too.

Grab this one on Android and iOS for free.

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Cybird’s latest release - BFB Champions gets a brand new update, promising to be bigger and better than the original

Posted by 148Apps Staff on September 30th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Launched in the UK in early September, BFB Champions’ newest update is loaded with great new features, and looks set to outshine the original version by taking it out of soft launch and giving it a new lease of life.

Packed with exciting components including a useful new tutorial to help you understand the game bit better, and great new match scenes – showing off skills from the popular Captain Tsubasa comics (which may not be well known in the UK, but is surprisingly credited as the inspiration for several major European footballers to take up the game), the newest update already looks like it’ll be a huge improvement from the earlier release.

But if you thought that the in-game features are all you’ve got to look forward to, then think again. In a bid to up its publicity, Cybird have teamed up with footie themed Youtubers and influencers, and plan to launch a competition for you to prove your footie skills away from your phone and on the pitch.

But the fun doesn’t end there. With the Japanese devs constantly striving to reach new levels of greatness, they’re already planning a bunch of future updates for us to look forward to.

With different multiplayer tournaments, time limited single player leagues and areas, and major functions like a mentor system that lets the more skilled players coach the novices, and club unions so you and your mates can play against rival leagues – it pretty clear that BFB Champions’ updates will take the game from strength to strength.

Download it now from the App Store and Google Play.

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JoyCity have launched a brand new King of Fighters inspired update to Game of Dice

Posted by 148Apps Staff on September 29th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Great news for all of you Game of Dice fans out there - JoyCity have just released a brand new limited edition pack with a really cool twist.

The premise of Game of Dice is fairly straightforward, asking you to roll dice to navigate your way around a game board - buying up properties and using your skill cards and items as you go to bankrupt your opponents and reap the rewards.

Earlier in the month JoyCity introduced a fun and unexpected cross over with The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match (the popular Japanese fighting game) with the introduction of two characters from the franchise, Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami.

Now it’s the girls turn as the latest pack brings the hugely popular Mai Shiranui and Athena Asamiya straight from KoF and delivered into your Game of Dice decks with the added bonus of receiving 1 million gold whenever they’re cards are drawn.

There’s also a very special event taking place where you can be one of just 5 people to win a KOF XIV voucher code for the PS4.

On top of that, another further 200 Users who purchase the KOF '98 UM II Limited Edition pack will also be awarded with special items such as 500 luxury points, 1 million gold and 2 EXPx10 Enforcer’s. You can find more details on the giveaway below:

  • Event Period: The 28th of September to the 6th of October 7:59 PDT
  • How to enter: Share this Facebook postand leave your Member Number
  • Event prize: 200 Gems for 50 entrants
  • Winner announcement and Prize distribution: 10/11 PDT (Date is subject to change)

Game of Dice can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store.

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Let the war games commence in Gunship Battle: Second War

Posted by 148Apps Staff on September 23rd, 2016

Buzz Lightyear famously said, “This isn’t flying, this is falling – with style!” In the case of Gunship Battle: Second War, though, this really is flying - with style!

The flight simulator app from Joycity puts you in control of 20 faithfully reconstructed World War 2 gunships including the Spitfire, Warhawk, Saetta and more. You’re a member of the Jade Mercenaries, tasked with fighting through missions during the post-war 1950s. With the money gleaned from your heroic exploits, you can customise and upgrade your war machine to improve your chances in combat.

This month (09/21 – 10/20) you’ll have the opportunity to take part in three different in-game events. Pick up gold, dollars and special items by logging in on consecutive days in the ‘Daily Login Event’. You can also earn rewards by clearing every episode in the ‘Episode Clear Event’ with better prizes on offer for the harder difficulties. But if you’re new to the game and feel like earning an easy buck then you’re in luck - there's 1,000 gold on offer completing the first episode with a coupon code that you’ll receive upon downloading the game.

If you’ve already played the first Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D, you’ll be familiar with the gyroscopic controls and the style of gameplay. This time round, you get more vehicles to play with, improved graphics and a more modest app size. There’s also a brand new cockpit mode, so fans of FPS can watch their bullets rain down on pitiful tanks below first-hand.

Oh and if you complete all 30 missions, don’t worry about suffering from flight fatigue - there are Special Missions for the battle-hardened veterans to tackle, as well as regular updates and events to keep the experience fresh.

Gunship Battle: Second War is available for free from the App Store and Google Play, so get on that digital runway and show ‘em what you’re made of.

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MU Origin has just received its first ever update for Android and iOS

Posted by 148Apps Staff on September 21st, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Great news for the world of multiplayer role play gaming – Webzen have released its first ever update for MU Origin, and it’s available right now from the App Store and Google Play.

Released on the 20th of September, the brand new update introduces a multitude of exciting features that pay special attention to the idea of community spirit.

With features such as the all new party dungeon “Labyrinth of Dimensions” - allowing you to slay the “death beholder” with your peers, and the real time “Loren Castle Siege” guild v guild battle - letting you take on your guild rivals and reap the rewards of your success, it’s pretty clear that Webzen have successfully transferred the world of 3D MMRPG to that of mobile gaming.

But that’s not all. The newest update also sees the inclusion of a brand new pet system – giving you the power to summon your pets and use their power to strengthen your character. The update also offers an increased game level cap (now to 8), an enlarged maximum rebirth level (now 100), and loads more guild activities including access to the guild shop and guild bosses.

And with Webzen’s 1 week long, special promotional event, the fun just keeps on coming. In honour of their very first update, the apps’ developers have kindly decided to give every player a free epic pet ticket during the first week of the updates launch.

With so many great new features jammed into the game, it could definitely be your new go-to app if you’ve got love for role play mobile gaming.

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New Game of Dice event throws King of Fighters into the ring

Posted by 148Apps Staff on September 19th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Game of Dice takes the best bits of board game classic Monopoly - but swaps the board for the mobile platform. It also swaps the metal top hat and terrier for some colourful characters in a manga style, and includes a whole raft of skill cards to make gameplay more strategic.

The game, from South Korean publisher Joycity, has already had over 7.5 million downloads, proving a hit with players around the world.

The latest in-game event from the Game of Dice team features a surprise crossover with arcade franchise King of Fighters. Characters Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami from King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match are available to use in your deck, with skills that boost your property and city tolls for multiple turns.

The KoF pack can be bought from the Game of Dice store for a limited time only, so snap them up whilst you can. Oh, and if you need a reason other than having a couple of badass brawlers on hand to help you monopolise the board – every player who buys the pack is entered into a draw to win one of only five download codes for KoF XIV on the PS4.

There’s also a new KoF board map to get to grips with, and in celebration of the update, players that acquire two new ‘5 Diamond’ characters before October 5 could be rolling in it with 1 million in-game gold coins up for grabs.

The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match pack is in store until September 21, so you better be quick. Game of Dice is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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