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Mixel for iPhone Review

Our Review by Angela LaFollette on September 4th, 2012
Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: PHOTO FUN
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Mixel lets users turn their photos into impressive collages with ease, but its social networking requirements may turn some away from enjoying this sleek app.

Developer: Lascaux Co.
Price: Free
Version: 1.1
App Reviewed on: iPhone 4S

iPhone Integration Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
User Interface Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
Re-use Value Rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar

Overall Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar

Mixel may look familiar to some iOS users because it was available in the App Store last year. The developers pulled the iPad exclusive app and recently brought it back for the iPhone. The interface and design of the app has been tweaked to make it more user-friendly and appealing.

For those who don’t know, Mixel is a photo collage app designed for users to create beautiful collages with just the press of a button. When the app is first opened, users must choose to log in via Twitter or Facebook. This may be disappointing for those who don’t have either because they can’t access the app without one.

After logging in, users can search for friends to add to their feed, edit their profile information or begin following others who use the app. This is completely optional, but it’s a nice way to interact with followers because they can like, comment on and add to other Mixel collages.

When it’s time to start creating, tap on the orange plus sign at the bottom of the screen. Photos are added by taking new ones with the camera or finding them on Facebook, Instagram, Camera Roll, Photo Stream or the Photo Library. Multiple photos can be selected at one time, which means users won’t have to waste time selecting one at a time. I recommend selecting anywhere from five to seven pictures because the spaces get smaller when more pictures are added.

Once a few photos are selected, the app randomly creates a photo collage. Users are free to shuffle the pictures until they find a design layout that they like. Photos inside the boxes can be moved around and tweaked to control what is shown in each box. Mixel also comes with unique styles that are all oddly named after foods like Cereal, Milkshake, Oatmeal and Takeout. These styles add a unique touch to collages that make them stand out and look professional.

After finishing the collage, it needs posted to Mixel before it can be shared anywhere else. Once posted to the feed, it’s possible to share the finished collage to Twitter, Facebook, Email, Instagram, or Camera Roll.

I was pleasantly surprised with how great the photo collages look, especially after styles are added. Mixel is off to a great start, but there are a few minor improvements that would greatly improve it like offering more ways to log in, a way to share Mixels without posting them and an option to delete collages other than flagging them.

Despite these inconveniences, Mixel for iPhone is a well-designed photo app that’s worthy of downloading. The interface is intuitive, the photo collages look incredible and the app is refreshing. Considering Mixel is completely free, it’s worth exploring today as long as logging in with a social networking account isn’t an issue for you.

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