Jacob's Shapes Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on November 2nd, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Jacob's Shapes is a wonderful puzzle app which teaches shapes and vocabulary of many things that children may find in their world, such as fruits or things found around the house, as well as the world beyond, like things found in the Arctic. Scroll though twenty themed puzzles and tap to choose. Each puzzle has an average of four shapes found on the left of the screen. Tap and drag these shapes to the corresponding holes to the right of the screen, listening as the names of these shapes are narrated as well. Watch as the muted brown background transforms into full vivid color as the puzzle is completed, and listen as friendly, encouraging voices congratulate the child on a job well done. One can either continue onto the next puzzle in sequence or return to the menu directly to choose another puzzle. I like that both a child’s and an adult’s voice are included as narration.

I was immediately impressed with this app the moment I opened it for the first time. These puzzles are very nicely drawn and simple to use, taking just a few moments to solve each one, yet with so much to choose from, this app really holds my 2.5+ year old son’s attention very nicely.

I do wish you could turn off the “congratulations” noises to make this a quieter game in public when we are out and about, All in all, a great experience from Jacob’s Shapes. This developer understands what keeps my son occupied.

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