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Posted by Jessica Famularo on November 16th, 2017
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Fire Emblem Heroes is getting its biggest update yet as Nintendo unveiled Book II last night, featuring a whole new set of story missions and yes, collectible heroes. The update's not out just yet, but here's what you can expect when the new content goes live.

It's coming soon

We don't have an exact release date just yet, but expect the update to launch by the end of November.

Expect new story missions and a new headline hero

The biggest change is the arrival of Book II, which features chapters full of new maps and quests. You can see a sample story from the update in the trailer above. Book II will feature lance-user Fjorm, who will team up with the rest of your crew to take down the evil Surtr, ruler of the flame.

Free five-star heroes for all

To celebrate the launch of Book II, Nintendo is giving every player a five-star Fjorm just for finishing the first part of Book II. Not a bad deal at all, we'd say.

Staff users are getting a much needed boost

Staff users will have their time to shine after this new patch. Staff-wielding heroes will gain access to new, more powerful weapons. They'll be better equipped to hold their own in battle with the addition of some helpful healing abilities, too.

Weapon upgrades will be a thing

If you have rusty old weapons lying around that you never use, you might soon have a place for them. With the new update, players will finally be able to refine weapons, granting them added effects and damage boosts.

Smashing those caps

To help players breeze through the new story, Stamina expenditure for story missions will be capped at 10 points. Meanwhile, the barracks will now be able to hold 300 heroes, rather than the previous 200. Nintendo is very much about the quality of life updates this time around.

Are you still playing Fire Emblem Heroes? Stoked for the big update? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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