The App Store has been especially generous in recent weeks, and it doesn't seem to be bucking that trend anytime soon. We've got a slew of fresh new deals that just went up this week.

As is tradition, it is our duty to seek out the best discounted games of the week and serve them up to you in one handy little list. Let's see what's on offer this week, shall we?

Corpse Party
Was: $17.99 Now: $3.99

Corpse Party,
and most of its sequels are now on sale for a pretty significant discount. The game tells the story of elementary students trapped in their school's haunted halls. These are some of the scariest adventure games on mobile, and they've achieved something of a cult status in recent years.

Banner Saga 2
Was $9.99 Now: $4.99

It seems like at least one of the Banner Saga games is always on sale, not that we're complaining. This time Banner Saga 2 is getting a price cut. If you haven't played the sequel yet, now's your chance. Banner Saga 2 continues where the first game left off, following the story of a clan of Vikings as they struggle for survival in a dying world.

Eden: Renaissance
Was: $4.99 Now: $2.99

Fans of puzzle games like Hitman GO will get a kick out of Eden: Renaissance. The game casts you as an archaeologist who's discovered a strange glowing box. You'll explore a number of mysterious locations across the globe as you complete a series of environmental puzzles.

Was: $0.99 Now: Free

Colorcube is a devious little game about shifting perspectives and blending colors. Your goal is to shift your shape to match the pictures on the screen. Definitely easier said than done.

Which discounts will you be taking advantage of this week? Let us know in the comments.

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