Splatterhouse Coming to iPhone

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on November 12th, 2010

Just in time for the big Splatterhouse remake scheduled to land on game consoles November 23, Namco has announced that an iPhone remake of the original game will land on the iPhone and iPod Touch November 18. The iOS version will not be a port of the new game launching on consoles, but rather a remake of the original Splatterhouse arcade game launched back in 1988. Prepare to lead Rick through West Mansion in search of his lost love as though it was the very first time.

Namco is promising six weapons to use against Hell's minions across the span of seven stages. The game will also include a new Splatter Rush Mode where players try and hold their ground for as long as possible against wave after wave of monsters.

Splatterhouse was once considered a rather controversial title due to the amount of violence, blood and gore which seemed to constantly overwhelm the game screen. Nowadays the game's pixelated and simplistic depiction of decapitation may seem tame, but we're sure that the console editions launching the week after the iPhone edition will rekindle that debate.

Though Splatterhouse wasn't warmly received by critics back when it originally launched, it seems like a perfect iOS game. The simple combat and short levels should translate nicely to a touchscreen, and the retro visuals likely won't be much of a strain on the iPhone's battery. All-in-all, seems like a pretty nice fit.

As mentioned before the game launches on November 18, and will retail for $2.99. It'll be a nice warm-up for those excited for the console release or who just really want to revisit a game they may have forgotten about over the past couple decades. Besides, who doesn't love a dude in a hockey mask wielding a machete?

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