The critter-launching, match three (or more) semi-classic Snood has been something of a mainstay on PC as well as a number of portable devices for some time now. People really like to match colors and clear shapes, I suppose. Just in case there are any folks out there who have avoided this game due to a lack of funds, it’s worth noting that Electronic Arts has decided to release a free version. So no more excuses, really.

Now anyone with an iOS device and a soft spot for flinging critters at other critters of the same hue and watching them cease to exist can try out the oddly-named classic for absolutely zero cost. This isn’t a handful of levels, either. Snood Free contains over one hundred puzzles and five different difficulty settings; much more content than an average “Lite” version. Some concessions had to be made in order to give players some reason to possibly want to buy it (note: it’s a dollar), including ads and the inability to play any multi-player games, but the overall single-player experience doesn’t suffer for it.

Match-three (or more) junkies don’t have any more excuses. They, and anyone else who’s interested, can grab Snood Free on the App Store right now for… well, for free.

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