Reliance Games Sure does love robots. Then again, who doesn't? And with Labor Day fast approaching it's time to share that love on the cheap.

Starting today, Real Steel will be on sale for $0.99 through Monday, September 2. Not just the game itself, either. The extra in-app purchase packs will be going on sale as well. And that's just one half of it. Pacific Rim will be totally free from Sunday, September 1 through Monday, September 2. Check out the full list of discounts below.


8/30 - 9/2
Real Steel will be $0.99
- Abandon will be 50% off
- Starter Pack will be 33% off
- All Robots Pack will be 25% off
- All In One pack will be 20% off

9/1 - 9/2
Pacific Rim will be $0.00

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