Postknight Beginner's Guide: Neither snow nor rain . . .

Posted by Jessica Famularo on February 14th, 2017
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Postknight gave us a pleasant surprise last week. What at first blush looks like another fantasy clicker game is actually a warm homage to classic RPGs with lots of juicy upgrades and other RPG trappings to keep us hooked for a good weekend or two. It's lightweight, making it a great game to pick up and put down during a commute, but with plenty of layers to dig into if you want something a bit more nuanced. There are a few things to remember if you're just starting out. Use these tips to become the greatest Postknight in all of the land.

Go farming
The grind is definitely present in Postknight, but the game turns it into a fun little timed competition that will add a decided element of fun to what is usually a dreaded RPG chore. Once you complete a route, you can go back and play through it again to beat your best time, and, most importantly, earn lots and lots of materials to upgrade your gear and potions. It's also the best way to level up if you need to beef up before a particularly tough boss. To replay a route, just head to the signpost when you're taking a rest in Pompon (or wherever you may be settled at the moment).

Boost your vitality
From the start, you'll be faced with aggressive waves of enemies that will take hefty chunks out of your HP. The best way to survive these onslaughts is to bump up your Vitality stat when you level up. Focus on raising this a few points right away to give you adequate protection against woodland critters and those nasty ranged attackers. Putting some early points into Strength isn't a bad idea either.

Upgrade wisely

While out and about on your adventures, you'll gather materials to upgrade your weapon, shield, armor and potions. When upgrading your potions, make sure you tap on each of the three potion stats to switch between them. You'll also want to pay attention to upgrading your gear. Armor sets take more materials to upgrade, so save up for them. Don't waste all of your materials on sword and shield upgrades. While you want to pay attention to those too, you need to spread things out evenly.

There's a lot to explore in Postknight. It may look like a simple little bundle of a game, but it actually packages all of the best elements of classic RPGs. Our tips will help you enjoy it to the fullest.

Tell us about your adventures in Postknight so far. Share in the comments below!

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