The weekend is almost here. Just a few more hours. Looking for a new game to play this weekend? Bored with what you have? Xbox-360 red ring of death (like me)? Well we've gone through and picked out a few really good games. Many you may never have heard of and most we haven't had time to publish reviews of yet. But we think you'll be happy with all of them.

Strategy Games

Fieldrunners - this is a tower defense type game. Great graphics and great gameplay. We've been too busy playing to to get a review out. But expect it to be very highly rated. Many think this is the best game available for the iPhone. Try it, if you like RTS or tower defense games, you'll be pleased.
[itmsapp: 292421271]

Zombie Attack - also a tower defense type game -- but greatly simplified and cheaper one. And who doesn't love killing zombies? No guilt, right? They are already dead!
[itmsapp: 295873663]

Word / Number Games

Wurdle - a great word game -- kinda like super Boggle. This one is responsible for many hours of lost time.
[itmsapp: 287712243]

Numba - we reviewed Numba a long while ago. This game is very well designed and loads of fun to play.
[itmsapp: 284703852]

Puzzle Games

Touch Physics - crayon physics comes to the iPhone. In a rather simplified version anyway. This is a nice puzzle game where the goal is to get the ball to the star. You do this by drawing shapes, planks, and using physics. Believe it or not, physics is fun!
[itmsapp: 296191097]

Aki Mahjong - from the great Ambrosia Software. If you are a fan of Mahjong tile puzzles, this is a very well done one. With dozens of different boards to play and multiple skill levels.
[itmsapp: 284539927]

Trace - an interesting puzzle game -- you must draw the platforms for your player to get to it's goal. Similar to Touch Physics, but a little less refined.
[itmsapp: 289446636]

Jelly Car - a great fun game -- if for no other reason that watching the great physics. Your goal is to get your car to the goal by driving it at the right time across the screen.
[itmsapp: 293886459]

Arcade Games

Blue Defense! - this $0.99 shooter is fantastic. Smooth graphics, innovative game play, fantastic. You are defending the blue planet from the invading ships. Rotate the phone to set the direction of fire.
[itmsapp: 295528445]

Armado - armadillo platform game -- what's not to love? Lots of great, large levels, fairly easy to play. Developed by the company that made Spore Origins for the iPhone. Price just dropped by $2.
[itmsapp: 295805469]

Real Soccer 09 - a great soccer game -- many people seem to really love this game. And what's not to love. Great gameplay, loads of options, hugh fun. Plus, it's on sale right now!
[itmsapp: 289728309]

Vector Blaster - Think Tempest for this iPhone. Great play and lots of levels. If you like Tempest, this is a great game for you.
[itmsapp: 289942216]

Spin - we reviewed this game and really liked it for the innovative gameplay, great design, and nearly endless levels. Great fun and also currently on sale.
[itmsapp: 294263403]

Blue Skies - a great top-down shooter. Fun to play and well designed. On sale currently for only $0.99!

Blue Skies

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2008-08-31 :: Category: Game


Sapus Tongue -- innovative game play. You rotate the phone to increase the rotation speed and set the creature flying. The goal is to get the longest distance as possible.
[itmsapp: 295078769]

Have any other favorites? Let us know about them on Twitter @148apps or in the comments below.

Cheers and have a great weekend everyone!

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