If it's one thing we've heard repeatedly in recent months is the desire to create games for the core gamers migrating to iPhones and particularly iPads. Perfect World Entertainment, a PC game company with cred knows a good opportunity when they see it and are now heading that way too.

One thing that sets Perfect World apart from some of the others is that they have a catalog of core games they can bring to the iPad, along with new titles of course. They stress that their games are by gamers, for gamers. A quick look at their list of games shows they are serious about core games.

We spoke with Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, General Manager for Mobile at Perfect World about their plans. "We want to go for the PAX crowd, I will call it because I am part of it, the geeky gamer. You enjoy strategy game because it provides you escapism and you can plan, control, think about it, and there is a social experience there." With a drive to fill that need, for the core gamer, and a platform to do it (iOS), we look forward to what they will achieve.

Perfect World provided us some screenshots from some of their upcoming iOS games below:

Arena of Heroes

Conquer the Kingdoms

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