Pebble Smartwatch is set to receive a new update to its app soon, becoming fully integrated with iOS 7 and working seamlessly with notifications so that all will appear on your Pebble device. It’s also easy to choose what updates you’d like to see on your smartwatch, going beyond notifications for just calls, texts, and emails. This means users will be able to see when people message them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and much more.

Pebble is also making things easier on developers when it comes to building Pebble apps. The newly-released SDK 2.0 features four new APIs; including Javascript, Accelerometer, Data Logging, and Persistent Storage. This will allow Pebble apps to do all sorts of new things like providing users with real-time weather, transit info, location check-ins, health and fitness monitoring, high scores for games, and much more. iControl, Foursquare, GoPro, and Yelp are already working on making use of SDK 2.0, so users should see more from them and other developers in the near future.

source: Get Pebble