I'm trying to decide what my next purchase is going to be, and am having difficulties making the decision. I decided to turn to the readers, and ask for your opinion on what I should be purchasing next. I have a few ideas in mind, and I'll share them with you. I certainly wouldn't mind a few new ideas either, though my wife might despise you for it.

I started working for 148Apps at the beginning of the month, and I am really enjoying myself. I am limited on how much I can do because I only own an iPod. The obvious is to purchase an iPad when it comes out, and hook it up with a 3G data package. I would still need to use my Verizon Wireless phone, but I would have expanded my ability to review 3G specific, and soon iPad specific, apps. I have a 32 gig iPod, so I wouldn't really need anything past the standard low end model.

Then there is the possibility that maybe I could pick up a low end Apple computer. It would allow me to use more apps that interact with Apple only programs, and increase the number of programs I have available at my fingertips. This is especially appealing because I've been considering possibly a little iPhone development of my own. I've always been a big fan of Mac computers, but never really been in the tax bracket to afford a big investment like that.

I'm concerned that the iPad won't really fulfill a lot of business functions at my "main job", that I might be able to use with a Mac. That said, my office is all PC so communication between the two computers might be difficult. Plus, I am no technology master, and in an agency of three people, there certainly isn't much room for difficult set up, or complicated interfacing. It's not as if I live in Cleveland or Columbus either. My mediocre town here in Ohio isn't known for it's sophisticated infrastructure. Depending on the functionality, the iPad would be the easiest to take to board meetings, and the easiest way to provide important spreadsheet information while saving a tree or twelve. At least, I think it would be???

There's also this pesky issue of a newborn on the way. It's my first, so who knows what I'll need for that. I also want to do some landscaping, and a vacation would always be nice.

What does the community think? Are you going to be purchasing an iPad? Already pre-ordered? Is a Mac higher on the priority list? I haven't even considered an iPhone either. In my predicament, what do all the experts out there believe is my best purchase at this junction? Sound off and give me some advice!

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