What are we supposed to call it, anyway? “Spill” sounds inadequate. I always thought of a “spill” as a ship being struck, or a pipe; in our current crisis, oil is gushing from a seemingly endless well deep beneath the ocean. Our oil “spill” is a catastrophe.

Regardless of what we call it, though, the oil spill’s effects are wreaking havoc on human and animal life alike in the Gulf of Mexico. The environmental impact will be felt for years, if not decades.

Inspired by the tragedy of the spill, the developers at GoGo-Robot Games have designed a game to call attention to the environmental crisis. Dubbed “Oil Slick,” the game challenges players to out-swim the spreading oil from the viewpoint of an animal. “Most” of the proceeds will be donated to Defenders of Wildlife, a nonprofit working to save animals affected by the disaster.

The game’s only $0.99, and any charity money it generates is likely to be small. Still, we like to see developers conscious of the world and community around them.

Check out GoGo-Robot’s website, or the website for Defenders of Wildlife.

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Released: 2010-07-11 :: Category: Games

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