ngmoco has confirmed that Rolando will be released this Thursday of this week, on December 18th. To celebrate the week of the release of Rolando they have put all of their previously released games on sale. They have reduced the prices by $1 across the board.

Hit the jump for details and links.

This celebration sale puts Topple at FREE, and other great games like Dropship and Dr. Awesome at $0.99. All of the ngmoco games are top notch and worth grabbing. Even more so at these great prices.

[itmsapp: 293620666]
[itmsapp: 298540154]
[itmsapp: 299427316]
[itmsapp: 293559498]

I think everyone in the world at this point it looking forward to the release of Rolando. We'll let you know when we see it. Look for it at around 9-10pm Pacific on Wednesday night.

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