I’m a bit of a drifter in life without any set plans. I look at a friend of mine who has everything planned out in her future and kind of envy her. It must be nice to be so driven and focused on doing everything just right. While clearly we’re both just different people in how we approach life, an app like 2016 could well keep us both happy.

It’s an app focused on helping its users imagine how they’d like their life to be in 2016. It’s a self help tool, really, to inspire people to achieve these aims. 2016 goes through some standard questions to assess just how the user wants to be in 5 years time. They cover the likes of what kind of property they want to own, what kind of career they want to have, what their relationship status is plus more. In all there are 80 questions about various spheres of the user’s life which should hopefully encompass everything possible.

Users can then record a video letter to themselves in five years time to see how things are going. It’s a pretty cool idea backed up by cloud saving functionality. Of course the only way to know if it works is check back in 5 years. I’m certainly keen to give such things a shot.

2016 is available now and it’s free with a $2.99 full-featured version available via an in-app purchase. A small price to pay surely for the potential future benefits.

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Released: 2011-06-16 :: Category: Lifestyle

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