Having been big fans of Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, we’re pretty excited to announce that Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is on its way to iOS devices this fall.

Not many details have been released yet but the key facts are as follows:

  • An intense 13-mission campaign with immersive cinematics and memorable moments.
  • A frantic multiplayer with up to 12 players, 6 maps and 6 different modes.
  • An addictive ranking system with more than 90 experience ranks.
  • High-tech modern weaponry with modifications and attachments.
  • Next-gen high quality visuals that will compete with the RAGE and UNREAL engines.

Visuals that promise to compete with the RAGE and UNREAL engines sound particularly exciting and looking at the two screenshots released so far and the trailer, high hopes are understandable.

For those yet to play Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, this is the ideal time as currently both iPhone and iPad versions are on sale at a very reasonable $0.99 each.

Roll on Fall for the third instalment!