photoWhen tragedy strikes, depression hits and you start to go into autopilot. It’s the only way we can cope with hard times, and these times are quite hard. Thankfully nobody I know is dead, hurt, wounded in the line of fire, or probably even hungry at this hour, but a good friend of mine has left me for four years. That good friend is the Winter Olympics.

Now that there is no speed skating, downhill skiing, hockey, or even curling on MSNBC, I’m completely reliant on apps to run my life. Last night I used Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock so I could at least be woken up gently. Unfortunately I set it up to only let me sleep for 5 hours, but I was awake… sort of. I was having awful dreams of Lindsay Vonn crashing, Bode Miller cutting flags, and Canada winning the hockey gold medal, but I guess my sleeping patterns looked pretty decent for a short nights sleep. How would I know though, I’m no doctor.

Eating is the toughest part of being so down in the dumps. Some people are emotional eaters, some people starve themselves, I just want to eat something expensive. It’s true that being sad isn’t conducive to my budget, but man do I eat well. I reviewed OpenTable last night because it is really the best app for my current needs. I could use Zagat To Go to find a more professional review, and I may in fact use it still, but OpenTable not only shows me where to go, it also reserves me a table.

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What I’m most worried about is relaxation. To get out of this funk, I’ll definitely need to do something relaxing, just to get my mind off of Apollo Anton Ono getting unfairly disqualified in what may be his last race. I’ve decided that I am going to start playing GigaPutt to pass the time. I haven’t started playing yet, but the app looks really intriguing.

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“Gigaputt transforms your neighborhood into a mini-golf course, complete with popping manholes, treacherous hydrants, and giant coins. With each new game Gigaputt creates a course starting from where you stand and gives you the option to either walk the course like the pros using GPS, or play from your living room.

Swing your iPhone like a real golf club to send the ball sailing over your neighborhood. Once you’ve perfected your swing grab up to 4 of your friends and compete to see who can collect the most coins with the least swings. With Gigaputt the world is your fairway!”

I’ll give it a shot… it seems like fun. Hopefully I’ll be better by next week. Cactus League Spring training for baseball starts starts soon in Arizona, March Madness is right around the corner, and the World Cup is in June. I guess I’ll be fine, but I’ll never be ok with Sidney Crosby. Ever. I’ll tell you what, the first thing I’m going to do tonight is to put Sidney Crosby in FaceFighter. Sweet redemption.

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