Designer and writer, Brett Terpstra, is looking to make things easier for writers who use their iPads for heavy daily use by compiling a spreadsheet and database that keeps track of iOS text editors and their features.

Terpstra is using a web community and a Google Doc spreadsheet to keep track of the features, price, and device compatibility for as many iOS text editors as possible. He’s also verifying everything on the spreadsheet as often as he can. The site is also compiling the App Store reviews and information about each app.

The spreadsheet keeps track of whether a feature exists and if that feature is available as an in-app purchase. Feature categories tracked include syncing, exporting, and other features. Some of the features include TextExpander, Markdown preview/export, search and replace, character and word count, and web browser.

I even discovered through the site that my favorite Mac text editor, WriteRoom, has had a universal app for quite a while. The site seems to be continuously updated, check it out here.

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