A lot has changed since Injustice: Gods Among Us first released on the App Store. The roster has gotten bigger, lots of little things have been tweaked, and the game has generally been made all the better for it. The new 2.0 update looks like it’s doing all that, and more.

First and foremost is the addition of online multiplayer. That’s right, now you can pit your elite Batman against your friends and mock their pitiful bronze Green Lantern over the internet! That’s not sarcasm, it actually sounds pretty sweet. Then there’s the inclusion of leaderboards, so you can be even more competitive with each other. Match replays will probably help with that, too. A bunch of new characters have been made available as well, including Shazam and Catwoman from Batman Returns. And what better way to break those new characters in then by equipping them with new gear cards that can be attached to characters to boost their stats?

You can download the newest version of Injustice: Gods Among Us right now for free.


via: Our Review