Injustice 2 beginner's guide: How to brawl with the best

Posted by Jessica Famularo on May 12th, 2017
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Injustice 2 Mobile has finally arrived, giving fighting game fans another outlet for quality brawling on iOS and Android. The game's mobile iteration sees you tapping to fight it out against familiar DC heroes and baddies. There's a lot of complexity you'll need to master before you can become a true champion, though. We've gathered a few tips to help get you started.

Experimenting is the best way to learn

Sure, button-mashing has its time and place, but if you're looking to compete you can't rely on this strategy. Experiment with your character's different skills, and switch up your positioning. Add some crouches where you see fit. Practicing with different strategies will make you a much better player. It's easily the best way to learn the ins and outs of combat.

Pay Attention

Green arrows above enemy portraits means they have an advantage over your selected hero. Make sure you build up a diverse team so you're never at a disadvantage.

Once you're in the thick of battle, though, there are other cues to watch for that can help you greatly. The game helps you out a bit with attack tells. When a red lightning bolt appears over your enemy's head, get ready to dodge.

You can always go back

The campaign mode offers a stress-free environment for honing your skills. If you feel like you're not improving enough, complete some missions. And if that fails, back track a little bit. Re-do missions you've already completed. Because you're already familiar with past levels, you'll have more freedom to practice your skills without worrying about winning.

Already throwing masterful punches inInjustice 2? Share your own tips in the comments.

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