Five for Friday: Week of April 29, 2011

Posted by Chris Nitz on April 29th, 2011

Seamless provides a great service for those of you who like to rock out while getting ready to head out the door. What Seamless does is allow you to listen to your favorite songs in iTunes on your Mac, and then when you are ready to run out the door, yet you don’t want to stop your favorite song, you tap Seamless on your phone. What happens next is the song fades off your Mac and continues on your iPhone. No interruptions, no restarting a song, and no digging for the album. Perfect for those that wish to just keep on a rocking!
[itmsapp: 420768433]

Snuggle Truck:
Snuggle Truck takes a physics-based driving game and ramps it up a few notches. You have a truck full of adorable animals that are in need of saving from extinction. In order to do this, you must traverse a world full of killer obstacles in order to deliver your payload to the zoo in as short of time as possible. The 40 levels are packed with challenging terrain that is beautifully rendered in a hand painted art style. Save the bunnies!!
[itmsapp: 431637920]
[itmsapp: 431779598]

TriZen will challenge your tangram puzzle solving skills across 500 puzzles. If you are stuck, use the hint system to help you through the rough spots. You can also solve puzzles in any order you wish. Play as little or as much as you like, as the game will save your progress along the way. What better way to distress from a long hard day at work.
[itmsapp: 420944699]
[itmsapp: 429948200]

RC Heli 2:
Do you want to fly an RC helicopter but dread all the work of putting one together, not to mention that high cost of entry? RC Heli 2 has you covered! You can choose from three different helicopters or fly the coveted UFOs. Three different modes will give you plenty to do, including a bit of air combat. Who says you cannot have some fun flying your RC helicopters in the house?!?
[itmsapp: 427291520]

Have you ever seen those photos where people turn a normal panoramic image into a tiny planet? Now you can easy accomplish this task right on your iPhone. TinyWorld makes this task as simple as using the app to shoot your panoramic photo and then hitting one button to turn it into an amazing little world. It is so easy; you may never use a computer for this task again!
[itmsapp: 433253360]

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