Free-To-Play football management title One For Eleven has been released worldwide from publisher Actoz Soft.

Giving you the chance to manage some of the world’s biggest football stars, the publisher claims it is “unrivaled in its strategic and tactical capabilities, and brings football management simulations to a new level.”

Some of the game’s key features include:

  • Ability to sign real players across 25 positions, 30 different abilities, and 50 unique skills
  • Two ways to watch matches – Live Broadcast mode, allowing you to get a top-down view of the field and all the players on it, and Text Broadcast mode, which gives you text updates on how a match is progressing
  • Recruit new players through tryouts; trade players with friends, and discover hidden talent with the player scouting system
  • Advanced AI programming allows for real time online top-view casting
  • Customize your own unique player and guide them through their career from Rising Star to Star Player using One For Eleven’s position based training system

You can get One For Eleven from the App Store [download] now for free. You can also visit the One For Eleven website or the game’s Facebook page for more details.

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