Tax season is upon us. Even the worst procrastinators are aware that the April 15th deadline is creeping closer and closer. If you’re in that camp and an iPad owner, perhaps this news will jumpstart you to tackling your taxes: TurboTax this week released an iPad version of its TurboTax 2010 software. With the app you can file your taxes directly from your iPad.

The app works just like the desktop version of the software, featuring a similar interface and step-by-step walkthrough of the tax filing process. You answer the same guided questions about your finances as usual, and the app figures out how much you either get back from or owe the IRS. Entering your information is intuitive and quick thanks to the iPad’s touchscreen. The app works in either portrait or landscape mode as well.

Like the desktop version of TurboTax, all of your data remains on your iPad until you’re ready to connect to the Internet and file. Although the app is free to download on the iTunes App Store, when you try to file, you’ll have to pay for the software, just like in the other versions of TurboTax. There are numerous versions to choose from, starting at $29.99.

While using TurboTax 2010 on iPad is as seamless a process as it is in the desktop version, there are some shortcomings to note. The biggest drawback to the app is that you cannot import the previous year’s data. Instead, you’ll have to start your filing process from the very beginning. That said, you can at least move over any data you’ve already entered into the desktop version of TurboTax 2010 to your iPad with ease. So, if you want to enter everything in on your desktop and then transfer it to your iPad (or vice versa), that’s an option.

For next year’s version, hopefully we’ll see the addition of an import option and W-2 scanning via the iPad 2’s camera.

If you’re not an iPad owner, but you have an iPhone, a similar app, called SnapTax, allows you to file directly from your phone. And you can even scan your W-2 with the phone’s camera with this app.

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