Facebook is getting into the world of app discovery. Is it a way for them to get people used to checking Facebook for apps before they possibly launch their much-rumored upcoming phone? Perhaps. While access to App Center through the mobile apps does not appear to exist for all users yet, it can be accessed manually by going to facebook.com/appcenter. From here, users can then view a variety of apps. They can view either by "Top Apps", or by "Social Apps" which shows the apps that friends are using. Selecting an app opens up a description page with screen shots and the ability to see just which of a user's Facebook friends are actually playing the game. One thing to note is that the iPad is actually not supported in App Center yet, only the iPhone and iPod touch.

App Center is usable from the web, and this is where it may get extremely useful – it's possible to push an app link to a mobile device via a Facebook notification, which can then be opened on that device's store. While web installation of apps is something that Android users have had for a while, this is the first real taste that iOS users are getting, outside of having Automatic Downloads enabled.

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