Block Balls iOS guide screenshot - Going for a big score

Block Balls is another in Voodoo's massive line-up of horribly simple, horribly addictive arcade games. It's all about smashing blocks with a cannon, a bit like a mix between Angry Birds and a Zerg rush. And while it's easy enough to pick up and play, you're going to find a decent level of challenge the deeper you get into the game.

And that's where we come in. We've put a good few hours into the game and come up with some hints and tips that we think are going to help you get the best scores, the best breaks, and have the most fun. So without further ado, let's get into the tricks that are going to see you destroying all the blocks in the cosmos.

Find the weak link

Almost every set of blocks you come up against is going to have a weak link. It's usually a block somewhere in the mix that's got a much lower total on it than the others. You should use this to break through into the other blocks, or to topple some of them off the screen without having to smash them. Find the weak link and you'll more often than not succeed.

Block Balls iOS guide screenshot - Finding the weak link

Use the wall

When you're playing a level with a wall, use it to your advantage. Bouncing your shot off the back of the wall can mean a handful of balls will strike hundreds of time, ricocheting off the blocks and back into the fray. It's usually a good idea to aim high, over the top of the structure, so your balls come down on the other side.

Work the angles

Angles are the other big thing to consider, especially after you've taken your first shot and there are blocks scattered around haphazardly. Bouncing off other blocks is a good idea, but if the block you're using as a wall has a low number on it, you're not going to get many ricochets before it bursts. Consider each shot, and make sure you're getting the best reward for the balls you've got to work with.

Block Balls iOS guide screenshot - Using the wall

Blow it up

Bombs can be both a help and a hindrance. Sometimes they'll send blocks flying, clearing them from the screen. Other times they can leave you in a pickle, with a pile of high-total blocks you've not got a chance of clearing. Try and use them early, while the structure is still whole, unless it looks like they'll just bring the top of the building down in a straight line, in which case hold off.

Play the challenges

On the main menu you'll see the challenges options. These aren't particularly difficult to complete, but you'll earn XP for each one that you finish. That XP becomes more balls in the main part of the game, so by playing them you're making your job that little bit easier. There's no penalty for finishing them with all of your shots, and the rewards are definitely worth it.

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