While not as interesting as the other new iOS controller we talked about earlier, the Duo Gamer, the Duo Pinball controller is a pretty cool device, but perhaps with a very small audience.

The Duo Pinball is well made, solid, and the buttons and spring launcher both feel of pretty good quality. The device uses AA batteries, an AC adpater would have been nice for the price. The iPad attachement is a bit fiddly, but solid once you get everything lined up properly.

Actually playing the games, works well. The controls are responsive and the addition of the spring launcher is fantastic.

The real problem with this device is that it only works with Pinball HD Collection. While a great pinball app, it’s still too restrictive to have a $60 controller for, except for the most die-hard pinball fans.

The Duo Pinball controller will be available soon from Apple.com, Traget, and Amazon. But I’m guessing most readers will wait for it to go on sale.

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