Daily deals are apparently popular this Christmas season. Between Blacksmith Games' daily free app from the Appvent Calender and EA Games' 25 Days Til Xmas Sale, there are a lot of one-day-only specials to keep track of. While EA Games isn't offering any free games, they'll be offering up to 80% off on one game per day 'til Christmas, with some games as low as 99 cents. As for the Appvent Calender...well, you'd be crazy to pass up on free games. So, from now on, we're going to try and update you daily on these awesome deals.

Today's freebie is Snorkeling, a game from Alfonso Bonzzelli. I'm still trying to figure out why there's a fishing bear, but it certainly looks worth a download. Here's what the developer has to say:

"Snorkeling is a funny, simple and intuitive game. You have to swipe your finger on the screen to move the bear cub and catch as many fish as possible (the good ones!). There are different types of fish, each one worth a certain number of points. Be careful to stay away from the bad fish or you will die and remember that you can’t stay underwater for long without recharging your oxygen."

[itmsapp: 337273004]

Meanwhile, EA Games has Boggle on sale for $0.99 today. While Billy suggested that fans of the game wait, it's not going to get any cheaper than this, and Boggle is one of the classic games that all word fans need. The latest update added Pass 'n' Play multiplayer, and the game's wrapped with all the graphical polish you'd expect from EA. An Advanced mode adds some extra strategy to the mix. Make sure to read our detailed review!

[itmsapp: 327836363]

And for today, one bonus deal: Ramp Champ is also free. It's a playful take on skee ball from Iconfactory that should provide some simple fun. It includes four different games, each with points and goals; trophies and prizes can be collected as well.

[itmsapp: 317284160]

We'll be posting our "Daily Double" feature tomorrow, too. Be sure to check back!

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